Why You Should Find A Locksmith Before You Need One

Find A Locksmith Before You Need One

Trust is an important element in your relationship with a locksmith. While referrals, great customer service, and level of expertise may influence you the first time you use their service, trust is built over a period of time. Because a locksmith literally holds your life in their hands every time they handle your locks or … Read more

Why Burglaries Spike During The Holidays (and what you can do about it)

Why Burglaries Spike During The Holidays

Everyone’s excitement builds as the year draws to a close. There are the parties, the gifts, and the overall festiveness of the season. Everyone’s mood lifts. Not surprisingly, there’s a rise in theft and property crime. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, property theft crimes including burglary, increase by 20 percent. Why does this … Read more

What Is A Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

Jimmy Proof

“Jimmying a lock” is a slang term for using a crowbar or other metal implement to forcefully (and usually illegally) open a door. It involves sliding the metal implement into the space between the door and its frame to break the lock. How Does A Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Work A jimmy-proof deadbolt was designed to … Read more

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