Top 5 Ways to Avoid Parcel Theft

top 5 ways to avoid parcel theft

Since the pandemic sent the world into lockdown, more and more people turned to online companies in order to complete their shopping. This led to an increase in parcel deliveries and an unfortunate increase in parcel theft. There are ways to reduce the chances of having your parcels stolen by a porch pirate. Here are … Read more

What should I Do With My Homes Spare Keys?

What is the quickest way to verify a locksmith

Everyone knows it is a good idea to have spare keys to your home. It means that you have options if you lose a key, get locked out, or need to lend a key to a family member. However, finding places to keep your spare key can be difficult. Should you hide them outside your … Read more

How to Secure a Door Without a Lock

how to secure a door without a lock

There are times when you may find yourself faced with a door that does not lock, and a need to lock that door. Maybe you’ve come home and your lock won’t lock after you get inside, but you are too tired to deal with locksmiths and decide to wait until morning. Or it could be … Read more

How Can I Make My Storage Unit More Secure?

What is the quickest way to verify a locksmith

Storage units are really handy when we need to store something safe for a period of time. But in using them we find that we are placing valuables away the security of our homes. Is there anything you can do to ensure that your unit is as safe as your own property?  Here are some … Read more

Lock Grades – Everything You Need to Know.

lock grades everything you need to know

When purchasing a lock for your home you want to know that you are getting one that provides adequate security. To help you in this matter, we explain that locks come with lock grades that impact how secure they are.  Here are how the grades are decided and what each grade means for you.  ANSI … Read more

Bluetooth Locks – Everything You Need to Know.

Bluetooth locks, everything you need to know

The world has come a long way from locking doors with simple keys. As technology has improved, so has our home security. Bluetooth and smart locks are becoming more and more popular as both businesses and homeowners look for more secure ways of living.  Are you looking at buying a Bluetooth Lock for your home? … Read more

Is It Possible to Replace the Lock of a Safe

What is the quickest way to verify a locksmith

A good safe can make the precious items in your home feel that much safer. They can be used to keep valuables away from potential burglars, keep guns away from inquisitive young ones, and keep your paperwork in a safe and secure location. Having a good safe in your home can reduce anxiety as you … Read more

How to Enhance the Security of your Warehouse in 2022

how to enhance the security of your warehouse in 2022

Warehouses are a vital part to many businesses. They hold the stock that keeps a business running. They are also a great target for thieves and criminal damage. But that is not all they have to contend with. A warehouse is likely to suffer criminal activity from the employees inside as much as they are … Read more

Best Window Locks for Home Security

Best Window Locks for Home Security

When it comes to securing your home against an intruder, doors come to mind. We put a lot of work into making sure we have the right locks and fixtures to keep our front, back and garage doors safe. Because we focus on that so much, Windows are often an afterthought. But should they be? … Read more

Are Bluetooth Locks Secure

What is the quickest way to verify a locksmith

As times change so does the way we use technology. In the last few years, people have turned to technology to secure their homes. It is no longer uncommon for people to use Bluetooth to unlock a house that was once secured by keys.  But does a Bluetooth lock make things safer? Is it safer … Read more

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