How Smart Technology Is Improving Business Security

how smart technology is improving business security

Smart technology is getting better and better and as it does businesses are finding ways to use this technology to improve their security. These are some of the effects that smart technology has been having on businesses so far this year, with the main highlight being on the great use of integrated smart locks.  Facial … Read more

Can You Get Locks That Are 100% Burglar Proof?

Where Should I Leave My Car Keys?

The whole point of placing a good strong lock on your house is to make it safe and secure against any and all intruders. Burglars are a threat to this safe haven when they pick or bump the locks that secure the barrier between the home and the outside world. To combat this, we try … Read more

Smart Doorbells Vs Smart Locks, which is Better?

smart doorbells vs smart locks

Smart doorbells and smart locks offer magnificent upgrades to the security of your front door. However, while the services they offer do overlap they also differ. Here, we are taking a quick look at the purpose of each so you can work out what you need for your front porch.  The Smart Doorbell The smart … Read more

The 4 Most Common Burglar Methods

the four most common burglar methods

Burglary is on the rise every year, so it is becoming more and more important to ensure that your home has adequate security. To help you in this matter we have identified the four most common methods burglars use to enter into your home. You will also find some tips to help you defend against … Read more

Can Better Locks Improve My Home Insurance Premium?

Where Should I Leave My Car Keys?

If impact windows and installing a burglar alarm can improve your home insurance premium it makes sense that having better locks can do the same. But is that the case? And if it is, what type of locks would you need? Better Locks CAN Improve your Home Insurance Premium The right locks can make a … Read more

What to do if You’ve been Burgled. The Burglary Checklist

what to do if youve been burgled

It is hard to be a victim of burglary. Harder still to have a clear enough mind to work out what to do next. There is a lot to think about and organize, from the police and the insurance down to protecting the home to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  To help you get your … Read more

What can an Automotive Locksmith Do?

Where Should I Leave My Car Keys?

The car is an essential part of our everyday life, and it can make a real mess of our day when something goes wrong. But you don’t always have to get your car to the garage or dealership when you have car trouble. An automotive locksmith can help you out of many car key-related situations.  … Read more

What is More Secure, a Digital Safe or a Key Operated One?

what is more secure digital safe or key operated one

We have so many options for our valuables today with safety deposit boxes, safes, strongboxes, and storage containers. Having so many options can make it hard for us to choose the best way to store the things we need. However, many people opt for a simple safe either in the home or the workplace. Still, … Read more

The Most Common Home Security Mistakes

most common home security mistakes

When it comes to the security of your home you want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to protect your loved ones. However, with a wealth of information available on the internet, it is easy to fall into the trap of damaging your home security while you try to increase it.  … Read more

Should You Leave Your Key In The Lock?

Where Should I Leave My Car Keys?

It is easy to leave your keys on the inside of your lock when you go home at night. On the one hand, there’s a chance that no one will be able to insert a lock pick if there’s a key inside the lock, on the other hand, is leaving your house key in your … Read more

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