Antique Lock Repair: How to make old locks new again

old locks

Repairing antique locks is a task that requires a certain amount of skill and is best suited to experienced locksmiths. While technology has certainly moved forward throughout the years, antique locks, if maintained well, continue to be strong and effective. Appearance vs functionality: While antique locks may look more ornate and aesthetically attractive than plain … Read more

Door lock problems that should not be ignored

Our locksmith technician installing a brand new door in a residential building in Miami FL

Your front door lock is likely the most used in the entire house. It is also probably the most important so it stands to reason that it requires the most attention to ensure its working properly. Even expensive, high quality locks require regular maintenance and their original cost or perceived strength shouldn’t fool you into … Read more

How to change combination locks

Opening a locked key-pad safe at our customer hotel in Miami FL

Any locksmith in Miami would tell you first hand- you must know combination locks inside out- they’re practically anywhere! You can find combination locks installed on many devices such as safes, padlocks (bikes locks etc.), door locks, briefcase locks and they also stand on their own, securing bags, lockers, tents and much more. Here are … Read more

Diagnose your vehicle remote quickly & effectively

Car locksmith technician on work, trans-coding a new set of keys for a client in Miami FL

As manufacturers continue to innovate and improve technology in modern automobiles, one area that has received a fair amount of attention over the years are the keys themselves. No longer are they just a simple key to insert into a barrel near the steering rack, they control a whole host of features on the car; … Read more

How To Calculate The ROI On Your Security

how to calculate the R.O.I on your security

Every decision you make regarding the security budget of your business will ultimately play a crucial factor when its time to count your earnings and build a new yearly budget. Unfortunately, working out what is a justifiable amount isn’t as easy as using the often-mentioned method of return/benefit – investment/cost = ROI. Below are a … Read more

Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Home Burglary

Our Mobile Locksmiths Unit Provides Residential Locksmith Services In a Home At Miami Beach

Ignoring the financial loss that is often involved, home intrusions are disturbing, scary and always feel like a horrible invasion of your personal space. If you have recently experienced such an event, its understandable that you’re looking for help with what to do next to protect your home and family. Safety first: If you are … Read more

Locksmith Services For Mail Boxes

locksmith technician changes key for mail boxes in Miami FL

Simply because of their exposure, mailboxes are an easy target to break into. From time to time, we may also be accepting something important or valuable, so protecting them is clearly very important. Here’s why you should protect your mailbox and more importantly, how! The most valuable paperwork of your life: In the majority of … Read more

What Is a Security Audit

Our Team Of Locksmith technicians and their mobile locksmiths unit

What is a security audit? Ask any software developer or web programmer what their number one check is before launching a new app or website and they’ll probably tell you the same thing – security. In fact, due to such high risks, high-tech companies regularly spend millions of dollars on trained professionals that try to … Read more

Security Issues To Keep In Mind When Moving a House

Re keying a door lock of a residential door, and replacing old lock with a new high security lock

Moving into a new house is stressful and comes with many dilemmas. Should I bring old furniture with me? Do I need to renovate? Unfortunately, one aspect that is often overlooked is security. In the midst of happiness and stress that is finding your new home, you forget that though it is now your home, … Read more

Doors Replacement Locksmith

locksmith technician prepares the door for installation at a condo in Miami FL

Knowing you and your family are safe in your own home is something very important to us all. You also want to make sure your belongings are safe and sound and to do this your locks, doors and security need to be up to scratch. One stop shop If your door is damaged, it is … Read more

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