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Key Fob Copy Services.

Quickly Locksmith Miami offers fast, affordable, and secure key fob copy services. 

Having key fob copies ensures you always have a replacement in case of an emergency. Our skilled technicians can make copies of almost any key fob quickly and accurately. Our advanced technology enables us to produce precise duplicates on the same day at competitive prices, giving you added peace of mind that your vehicle or home is secure. 

The Convenience of Key Fobs:

Key fobs are convenient – they give you the ability to lock your car or home at the click of a button. There’s also no need to carry additional keys around with you. However, some remotes have a metal key inside should the fob fail. 

Because every key has a unique code, the risk of theft is low, which makes it a more secure method for locking your car or home. 

And, even though you will need the assistance of a Miami locksmith to program your key fob, the process is quick and easy. 

Why Copy Your Key Fob?

In addition to the extra level of security a key fob provides, duplicates are useful if the key is ever lost or stolen. It eliminates the need to pay for a locksmith to come out to give you access to your vehicle or home, saving you money in the long run.


Key fob copies also come in handy if you ever need to give someone access to your home while you’re away. No need to explain your keys, simply give them the extra fob. 

Lastly, if you ever need to create an extra key fob, having a copy means you won’t have to take the time to have an entirely new key made, which can be a lengthier process. 

Overall, key fob copies are inexpensive and a convenient way to avoid being locked out of your car or home. 

Quickly Locksmith Miami’s Key Fob Copy Process:

Step 1: Determine the format of your key fob. 

Step 2: Find your key’s serial number.

Step 3: Send us the key format as well as the serial number so that we can generate a copy.

Step 4: Collect your key fob copy or arrange for it to be delivered. 

You can also make an appointment to bring your key to our offices should you have any trouble identifying the key fob format and serial number. 

What About Key Fob Fraud?

Before we go ahead with copying any key fobs for customers in Miami, we require proof of home or vehicle ownership. For a car, we will require your vehicle identification number (VIN), and for your home, we will require proof of ownership or confirmation of your lease. We also always ask for a copy of your identity document to prevent any fraudulent activity. 

Key Fob FAQs:

How much does it cost to copy a FOB?

The cost of copying a key fob mainly depends on the format. Costs can range anywhere from $40 to $170, but costs can be higher for premium car brands and advanced smart home systems.

What should I do if I lose my original vehicle fob?

In instances where you need to purchase a new key fob, you will more than likely need to get in touch with your local car dealership in Miami. However, the type of key fob you have also plays a role. In some instances, a locksmith can assist. Newer car models that have more complex security features generally require assistance from a dealership.

Am I able to program a fob myself?

While this is possible, you would need to know what you’re doing. Some owner manuals have instructions on how to program fobs yourself. However, we highly recommend you turn to a local professional in Miami for assistance to avoid wasting money and time.

Can I track my key fob?

It is possible to track a key fob, provided it’s connected to an app. The receiver in the fob uses radio frequency or Bluetooth to send a signal, allowing you to track it. iTrack Easy, KeyConnect, and ZUS Car Key Finder are some of the apps you can use.

Is it possible to start my vehicle without the fob?

Some key fobs have a metal key built into the remote. This is the only way you would be able to start your car without the fob. In instances where you don’t have a key, you would need to rely on a key fob copy or call a locksmith to assist you. Hotwiring a car or using tools such as a screwdriver is not recommended.

How far can a key fob be detected?

Most key fobs can work at a range of 10ft to 30ft, but some models have a longer range. It all depends on the make and model of your vehicle. 

Quickly Locksmith Miami, serving not only Miami but also neighboring areas like Coral Gables and Hialeah, specializes in swift, affordable, and dependable key fob copy services. This ensures that residents always have a backup at hand, minimizing potential lockout situations.

Key fobs represent a modern, convenient, and secure means of accessing vehicles and homes, especially in bustling areas like Miami Beach. With unique codes for each fob, the risk of unauthorized access is significantly reduced. Although programming might necessitate a locksmith’s touch, the process is streamlined and efficient.

For those in Miami and its surrounding regions, duplicating a key fob is more than a luxury; it’s a cost-effective safeguard. It not only prevents unforeseen lockouts but also simplifies granting access to trusted individuals. To uphold security standards, Quickly Locksmith Miami requires proof of ownership and personal identification before any duplication.

With service costs ranging from $40 to $170, based on the fob’s format, residents from Kendall to Miami Shores can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their access and security needs are in expert hands.


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