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Why Is a certified Miami locksmith better?

There’s an old adage ”Do it cheap, pay for it twice,” it’s particularly relevant in the locksmith industry when a $50 locksmith seems like a great deal.

Unqualified and uncertified contractors often do more damage than good. We regularly receive calls from clients who opted for the super cheap deal only to find they suffered from:

  • Poor workmanship – locks damage further, door damage and more
  • Inability to complete the job when they eventually arrive
  • Demands for extra fees when they arrive at your home, car or premises
  • No show! Leaving you’re vulnerable and compromised

There are many more examples we can provide but you’ll get the message we’re sure.

Price and value are two completely different things. All of our locksmiths are fully trained, fully certified and all work they complete comes with our guarantee and full manufacturer warranty where appropriate.

It’s important to note that when locks are installed by unqualified contractors, it can often invalidate the warranty from the manufacturer. Something to bear in mind as you may have to purchase it twice and pay again for installation if it’s installed badly.

For true value for money and peace of mind, choose Quickly Locksmith Miami, your local Miami certified locksmith specialists with over 10 years of experience.

Our Certifications Are Our Promise:

We understand that you want to pay less for locksmith services, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of your safety. Working with an inexperienced or uncertified locksmith could end up costing you more in the long run, leaving you just as vulnerable as before.

We refuse to let this happen to you! 

Certified and Insured for Your Peace of Mind:

We pair our certifications with our affordable prices. It’s the reason why we’re trusted by thousands of Miami residents and business owners. Every locksmith business operating within Miami-Dade County must have at least one licensed locksmith in its employ. At Quickly Locksmith Miami, all of our locksmiths are certified, licensed, and insured. We only work with the very best in the business!

What’s more, any work we complete for you comes with a guarantee and a full manufacturer warranty, depending on the solution you decide on. We’ve built our business knowing it is possible to provide superior service and value for money, so there’s no need for you to expect anything less.

Security Solutions You Can Trust:

We carefully select the lock and security brands we partner with. After years in the business, we know which brands deliver and which ones fall short.


Any solution we recommend will only ever include products we’ve tried and fully trust because your safety as well as that of your family and valuables is our top priority. 

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Only The Best Locks Brands For Our Clients:

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5 star costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Exceptional service!!! We were in quickly and JC was very helpful and kind with our needs/problems. Will be coming back soon and highly recommend. Thumbs up!”

Maria Cristina Basanez

excellent costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service super friendly!!! Very fast I highly recommend these guys. In and out in no time and the prices are super fair!”

Yvette Ancona

great costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service, quick and polite! I went to their new location on 2nd NE and definitely will be coming back for their help!”

Shezly Claramunt

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