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Why Choose SALTO Systems For Your Business? Optimized for special facilities Smart access control platform Changing access plans easily Flexible management system Revolutionary access control      Full control of your doors & gates  Tailor made & wire free systems

SALTO security solutions have been specifically designed to secure business facilities with the help of smart technology.

SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO BIUEnet provide increased peace of mind and require minimal operational efforts. There’s also no need to worry about user access updates and outdated or stolen cards, making them the preferred option for businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors.

Here are just a few of the reasons why SALTO is a popular business access solution:

Full control from your smart device. Thanks to the SALTO KS app, you have full control of your business access permissions. SALTO removes the need for keycards by giving employees access to your building via their smartphones.

Access updates within seconds. SALTO systems work with advanced access control technology, reducing the risks of intrusions at your business premises. Users can instantly block and update users from anywhere in the world within seconds.

Ease of installation. When you opt for a SALTO system, you won’t need to worry about complicated installation processes. You can easily implement a SALTO system using your door’s existing infrastructure.
Access to real-time data. SALTO’s Danabridge platform makes it possible to access real-time data relating to access, deliveries, and meetings from your phone.

Ongoing updates. SALTO is committed to keeping its platforms secure, which is why it automatically updates its software to comply with the latest security standards.

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Business Access Control Just Got Smarter

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Certified Installers

All of our technicians are trained and certified SALTO systems installers.

Licensed & Insured

We’re licensed & insured, giving you greater peace of mind during installation.

10 Years Experience

You benefit from our extensive experience, which spans over 10 years. You Get 10% OFF When You Use Quickly Locksmith Miami for Your Installation

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Our SALTO installers understand the ins and outs of these systems and are ready to assist you with your installation 24/7.

We will have your SALTO system perfectly installed and tailor-made tuned with all of your security needs and requirements.

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Lead the Way In Your Sector with a SALTO Access System

Don’t get left behind and become the victim of a security incident at your business. Advanced access control technology is available now and SALTO is the best of the breed.

Countless industries have turned to SALTO systems to better control access to their premises.

Hotels. Provide your guests with ease of access to their rooms using just their smartphones. No need to worry about access cards getting stolen, lost, or given to someone else. SALTO also makes it easier to manage supplier and service provider access from your chosen smart device.

Apartment buildings. Property managers also rely on SALTO systems to better manage tenant access according to the terms of their lease. Instantly grant or revoke access in a matter of seconds, ensuring you can keep your investment and the rest of your tenants safe.

Government facilities. For buildings that receive a large number of visitors daily, SALTO systems are changing the access game. In larger facilities, access requirements change weekly and even daily in some instances. SALTO makes it easier to manage access from one smart hub.

Business and store owners. From employees and clients to service providers, businesses have a lot of people coming and going daily. SALTO systems ensure safety is a priority by giving business and store owners greater control over their access.


Manage Your Business Security From One Smart Hub

Salto Access Control Systems Miami FL
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