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Need a Safe to Protect Your Valuables?
Or Need One To Be Opened?

We are your best bet!

Being locked out of your safe is less than ideal, but it happens.
Fortunately, we’re here to restore calm and give you peace of mind knowing you can still access your most valuable documents and assets.
We work quickly and efficiently to get you back into your safe without causing any damage.
Whether you’ve lost your safe key, have a damaged lock, or you’ve simply locked yourself out, our range of locksmith services can help.

Our Safes Locksmith Service Gives You:

We supply, install, and maintain high-quality safes for your home or your business.

We’ll also provide you with recommendations on safe size, type, and location once we review your requirements before providing you with a suitable quotation. 

What to Consider Before Safe Installation:

Safes are a great place to store valuables that are difficult and time-consuming to obtain, or expensive to replace, for instance:

– Passports

– Birth and marriage certificates

– Contracts

– Cash

– Jewelry

– Anything of a private nature you want away from prying eyes

An important starting point is to consider what you want to store in your new safe. That helps us provide you with safe size recommendations that will best suit your needs.

Next, you should consider how much cash you want to store in your safe as different safes have different cash ratings that your insurance company will cover.

In terms of a safe location, many people prefer their master bedroom because it allows them to store valuables before bed. However, this isn’t the only option. It’s important to choose a location that works for you.

You also need to decide how you want to lock your safe. A key, an analog lock, and a digital lock with fingerprint recognition are all options. 

Finally, always consider the fire rating of your safe. Whilst you hope it never happens, you must plan for any eventuality. Entry-level fire safes will provide protection starting from 30-60 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the type.

We work with the best brands in the industry including: Amsec safes/ Gardall safes/ Senty safes, and American safes.

Our safes are some of the most reliable and strongest around. Rest assured, we’ve tested many options and only supply our clients with the very best.


Will there be damage when a locksmith opens my safe?

In most instances, a locksmith will be able to open a safe without force or cutting it open. However, this will require the right knowledge, expertise, and tools, which is why it’s important to choose a qualified safe locksmith. 

Can you make safe key copies?

If your safe works with a standard key, Quickly Locksmith Miami will be able to make a key copy quickly and easily. Some modern safes generally have extra features that would make key copying more complex. However, it’s generally still possible for a key copy to be made. 

Can a locksmith legally open a safe?

Yes, safe locksmiths can open safes without breaking the law. However, the person hiring them would need to produce proof of safe ownership before they can go ahead. 

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we work only with the best brands.

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5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Exceptional service!!! We were in quickly and JC was very helpful and kind with our needs/problems. Will be coming back soon and highly recommend. Thumbs up!”

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excellent costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service super friendly!!! Very fast I highly recommend these guys. In and out in no time and the prices are super fair!”

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great costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service, quick and polite! I went to their new location on 2nd NE and definitely will be coming back for their help!”

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