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It’s always sunny in Surfside and you’re never out of sight of the beach which makes it a great place to live and work. We can’t say we’re not happy about having Surfside on our list of neighborhoods we service and are always happy to see a client here!

Surfside local locksmiths

There’s really no need to bother with inquiries and multiple estimations – when you’re looking for a locksmith in Surfside you odd to just call Quickly Locksmith, your local locksmith service, and here’s why:

  • Quickly offers peace of mind, above all- the most important thing for a service that has access to your property's locks is trust! You want to trust the prices are accurate and cost worthy, you want to be able to trust your locksmith know exactly what he's doing with the at most professional standards and you need to trust your locksmith to be there when needed, 24/7, no delays! That’s our promise, that’s what we do best.
  • Warranty – Quickly Locksmiths are all licensed locksmiths, certified installers, and trained according to our leading house brands manufactures factory instructions. So our job is not only preformed according to the highest standards, it's also insured!

What our services offer

We offer a long list of services to all our customers, residential and commercial alike, that have a number of useful benefits.

  • Peace of mind is what we think is one of the most important factors to keep at the forefront when hiring a locksmith. Your home or business needs to be put in the hands of someone you can trust. You’ll be pleased to know then, that we have a strong reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.
  • Cost is important. In an ideal world, we’d all have a budget big enough to allow us whatever we wanted (that’s of course if we weren’t living in the world where we didn’t actually need security systems). Price matters though and we aim to keep our prices fair and reasonable by offering competitively priced products and labor but also by only offering what we genuinely think you need. Not everyone needs cameras and smart entry systems and we realize that. We don’t try to oversell.
  • Warranties are important. We believe in our work and hope you won’t have to call us back, but sometimes things happen. We warrant all of our work, as well as offer full insurance to your products and property. Everything is further backed up by the manufacturer’s full warranty on the products.
  • Emergencies are hopefully rare and we’d rather not be called out at 3am. However, we’re on hand 24/7 to deal with emergencies such as lock-out and after break-ins and promise to be there within 15 minutes of your call.

All of these benefits apply to all of our work. Homes, stores, offices, hotels and cars. No matter how large or small your job is, we have the skill and experience to complete the job promptly.

What to check out in the local neighborhood

Greynolds Park is a 249-acre park where you can enjoy a wide range of activities and see all kinds of natural habitats. The park also features an amazing hardwood hammock and mangrove forest. 

Haulover Park is a sunny beachfront location that offers a cozy environment and protected natural areas.

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5 star costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Exceptional service!!! We were in quickly and JC was very helpful and kind with our needs/problems. Will be coming back soon and highly recommend. Thumbs up!”

Maria Cristina Basanez

excellent costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service super friendly!!! Very fast I highly recommend these guys. In and out in no time and the prices are super fair!”

Yvette Ancona

great costumer review on Google
5 star reviews rating - Quickly Locksmith Miami

“Amazing service, quick and polite! I went to their new location on 2nd NE and definitely will be coming back for their help!”

Shezly Claramunt

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