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How to Get Out of a Room When a Lock or Door is Jammed

how to get out of a room when a lock or door is jammed

One may argue that having a room door jam after you enter a room is not as bad as being caught outside. However, it can lead to you being late for appointments, prevent you from getting a coffee, or simply frustrate you depending on the room you are stuck inside. Not to worry though, for … Read more

What Should I Do If An Electronic Lock Fails?

Do Locks Have An Expiry Date?

An electronic lock failing can cause you all sorts of problems. It can prevent your safe from locking securely, or it can prevent the door from locking as you leave your home. Like with a traditional lock, you will be left trying to figure out how to quickly solve the problem so you can go … Read more

Lock Impressioning. What You Need To Know.

lock imprisoning what you need to know

The term lock impressioning is something you may hear when talking to locksmiths about replacing your lock keys. You may wonder what it is and if it is something you need to defend against in your home. Here we explain the key points of lock impressioning and how it affects you and your home.  What … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Locksmith for Your Business

the benefits of having a dedicated locksmith for your business

While it may seem like an easier option to find and call out a locksmith when you need them, there are some clear advantages to having a locksmith dedicated to helping your business.  Consider what happens when you call a new locksmith. First, you must tell them about your business. Include, what security you have, … Read more

What is the Quickest Way to Verify a Locksmith?

Where Should I Leave My Car Keys?

We place a lot of trust in locksmiths. They come into our homes and offices and know precisely what locks and security we have. Because of this, when we hire a locksmith, we want to be sure that we can trust them. Here are three ways to verify a locksmith.  Verify the Address You can … Read more