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How do you open a trunk without a key

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Forgot your keys inside your trunk? Don’t cry too hard, it happens to everyone!  If you have a Slim Jim available / something else you could use to open your front door- we have a few DIY tips! If you don’t have any tools on you, check what’s around- you could call a locksmith, but … Read more

How much does it cost to make a key from a lock

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Making a new key without the original, based solely on the lock, is a fairly simple procedure that any certified locksmith can do in minimal timing. About the costs- it could be 20$ and up to 350$- depending on the lock and where your locksmith came from to get the job done! Your Local Miami … Read more

Can a locksmith make a lock from a key

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YES! It’s not easy, and not a rapid process – but a certified locksmith can definitely make a lock just from a single key! Call your local Miami locksmith: In most cases we get a call about re-keying. It tends to do the other way around- customers who lost their key, and therefore want a … Read more