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How do you open a trunk without a key

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Forgot your keys inside your trunk? Don’t cry too hard, it happens to everyone! 

If you have a Slim Jim available / something else you could use to open your front door- we have a few DIY tips!

If you don’t have any tools on you, check what’s around- you could call a locksmith, but it might take up to 20 min response time for him to get to you and another 5 to 10 min to open the trunk door- it’s simple and won’t cost you more than 50$, so either way- you’re safe!

First – unlock your cars’ doors to get inside:

Use the Slim Jim to gently unlock and open your car door; first try to slide the hook of your Slim Jim inside, through the passengers’ side window. When inside, feel around to find the locking mechanism of your car. It will usually be right next to the window, on your car door handle. Hook the rod to the locking mechanism, to unlock you have to make sure the Slim Jim is stuck well inside the lock rod, then pull it up gently until you hear your normal unlocking click sound – congratulations! Your car is now unlocked!

When inside – work the trunk:

Once you’ve unlocked your car you can easily pull the handle (from outside) and get inside. Then, open the trunk by pulling the manual release, usually located in the drivers’ side, underneath your steering wheel. In case the release is stuck, head to the back seat to manually release the lever (you have to fold the back seat down to access your trunk).

Last but not least!

When you’re inside your trunk release the safety lever, usually located near the trunks’ back / front. This one is important as this lever is there to protect you and prevent anyone from being locked inside a trunk. Once you pull the lever – your trunk door will open immediately!

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