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Why You Should Consider a Keyless Ignition for Your Boat

Why You Should Consider a Keyless Ignition for Your Boat

Where keyless ignitions were once only known in the automotive industry, they are now growing in popularity in the marine sector too. Mainly because the safety features are excellent.

However, there are still those who are not entirely sold on the idea of a keyless ignition for their boats. If you fall into this category, here is what you need to know to decide if this option is right for you.

How a Keyless Ignition Works

To get a keyless FOB system to work with your boat, an engine control unit needs to be installed. The FOB and control unit work by sending signals back and forth and can cover a distance of up to 15 meters.  

While most systems control up to 4 outboards, there are some that can be linked to 10 FOBS – it all depends what your specific requirements are.

Why Consider a Keyless Ignition for Your Boat?

More Freedom to Move Around

Because the traditional kill cord limits freedom of movement, it’s very rarely worn. With a keyless ignition, you are free to move around your vessel, provided you carry the FOB with you. Being able to move around and remain in control of your vessel is a big benefit of this system.

Outboard is Automatically Switched Off

A FOB cannot emit any signals through water, which is one of the safety features of this system. Should you fall overboard with the FOB on your person, the outboards are automatically switched off, allowing for a safe recovery.  

Added Vessel Security

To start up the control unit of a keyless system, you need a personalized pin number. Not only does this keep your boat safer, but it’s possible to provide boatyard managers with easy access to your vessel. It helps to be able to give someone you trust the ability to move your boat if need be. This pin number can be changed at any time too, so you are still fully in control.

Keyless ignition kits for boats are easy enough to purchase, but you may want to get assistance from a reputable professional for the installation. Plus, if you are going to invest in one of these systems, you want to get the installation done right the first time around.

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