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How To Make Your Garden More Secure 

a bright garden at home

Securing your garden poses a challenge for most people. After all, it’s an open space, so you can’t really lock it. Worse, if it’s overgrown and badly lit, it can create a space for burglars to hide while they case your home, or even wait to break in. Keeping this area secure is something that … Read more

Does Living The Light On Really Deter Burglars

light burglars

Who’s afraid of the dark? Definitely not burglars, who prefer it for their work. Often, the advice given is to leave your porch lights on or lights in your home to dissuade them from targeting you.  The thing is, a cursory glance on the Internet will show that there’s no consensus on whether this is … Read more

What Can You Do For National Home Security Month

Alarm security

Did you know that they mark National Home Security Month every October in the UK? You’re probably wondering why an entire month needs to be set aside for home security. What more could there be to keeping your home safe? After all, you lock your doors. You keep your eyes open. What more do you … Read more

Top Burglar Deterrents According to Ex-Burglars

Burglars at home

Burglars say there are many ways homeowners make crime pay. To catch or stop a thief, it helps if you think like one. Through an online search, we found the best ways to avoid having your home broken into, as told by the burglars themselves. According to our research, burglars favor opportunistic crimes. They want … Read more

Do I Need A Safe In My Home?


A safe is one of those small but significant additions to your home security that can make a material difference to the losses you suffer if your home is broken into. If you own a gun, you may find that a safe may provide an additional layer of safety for your family. There are plenty … Read more