Top Burglar Deterrents According to Ex-Burglars

Burglars say there are many ways homeowners make crime pay. To catch or stop a thief, it helps if you think like one. Through an online search, we found the best ways to avoid having your home broken into, as told by the burglars themselves.

According to our research, burglars favor opportunistic crimes. They want to be in and out of your home quickly and silently. They don’t want anything that will slow them down, call attention to them or make noise.

  • Have Dogs

Most burglars will not attempt to rob a house that has a large, aggressive dog. In such a scenario, their main fear was being bitten. A large dog’s barking would also attract the ears and eyes of others.

However, the key seems to be having a large, mean dog. Smaller dogs or larger, more playful ones did nothing to deter them.

  • Make Your Property Harder To Enter

Burglars don’t want to work too hard. They generally tend to walk through neighborhoods looking for easy targets.

According to them, properties with large front gates and high walls were immediate turn-offs. Windows and doors that appeared strong or well protected, like those made with UPVC, also made them reconsider.

  • CCTV Cameras And Motion Activated Lights

Burglars absolutely do not want to be caught on film. It’s going to be hard to go before a judge and deny committing a crime when there is video evidence.

Therefore, they tended to avoid properties with visible cameras.

Motion-activated lights are also unpopular among those who engage in this “profession”. They prefer to conduct their activities in the dark. This is why they avoid homes on well-lit streets as well.

  • Making valuables hard to find

Did you know that burglars have a favorite place to look for goodies once they get into your home?

It’s the master bedroom. According to thieves, that’s where they are most likely to find valuable items hidden.

Consider investing in a safe, keeping your valuables in a safety deposit box at your bank, or finding more creative hiding places where a thief isn’t going to have the time to search.

Keep in mind that they want quick, easy scores.

  • Neighbors

Burglars like neighborhoods where no one seems overly concerned about what’s happening on the next property.

That friendly, nosy neighbor may just save your home from being broken into. In neighborhoods where residents looked out for each other, people were more likely to notice strangers and report them to the police. At the very least, they would let the people next door know.

Burglars also hated properties that overlooked each other for similar reasons. In such a case, it was too likely that someone could witness them without being seen.

  • No social media

There was a time when burglars had to work to find out what was in a home to rob. Now, they just follow social media.

With everyone posting their valuables, the interior of their homes, their new purchases, and their vacation itineraries, burglars say they have their pick of lucrative targets.

Worse, they say it’s as easy as picking a few random accounts to follow after trawling through public feeds.

Based on what’s posted, they can do searches online to find the person’s address and phone number, or even details like where they worked and what their daily routine was.

  • Someone being home

Most burglars do not want to get into a scuffle or violent confrontation with a homeowner. That’s why they prefer to break in when no one’s home.

Sometimes this is unavoidable though, as they enter homes, only to realize that a TV or radio is on somewhere in the house, or they hear someone talking.

Most report that they leave when this happens.

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