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How to fix your smart door if it won’t lock

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Today, smart locks are more common and effective than ever before. Their efficiency in easily and securely limiting access as well as the flexibility they provide in where and how they can be installed make them a must-have security feature for businesses of any size. It’s not only businesses that can benefit from the advanced … Read more

Why won’t your key turn inside its lock

Unlocking a locked door & Providing Residential Locksmith Services in Miami FL

Keys seem to have an annoying tendency of jamming when we most need them and least expect them to. If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. When this annoyance strikes, the biggest locksmith pro-tip to remember is to stay calm! Try to put your frustration aside and be gentle with your lock as being overly … Read more

How to fix a lock that came out of its doorknob

Unlocking and Changing locks at a residential home in Miami FL

In most cases all that is needed to fix a lock that has fallen out of position is to re-strengthen the same areas (after all, they were chosen for a reason!) New material such as screws or locksmith super glue are the first port of call but should be monitored over a couple of days … Read more