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How to fix your smart door if it won’t lock

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Today, smart locks are more common and effective than ever before. Their efficiency in easily and securely limiting access as well as the flexibility they provide in where and how they can be installed make them a must-have security feature for businesses of any size. It’s not only businesses that can benefit from the advanced security and flexibility of smart locks though and residential and vacation properties can also reap the benefits.

However, like any technology, smart locks can suffer from technical glitches from time to time, getting either locked shut or open. Don’t panic though, here are our top locksmith tips on how to fix these issues!

Check the door and smart lock alignment

Due to the way they are designed, we cannot simply look inside a smart lock. Beneath these smart mechanisms though, lies a lock much like you would see on any other door and this needs to be perfectly aligned in order to function properly. Any misalignment can potentially wear out the smart software that works inside every time the door is operated so if you spot any issues, try to realign it. This can often get the door to working as expected.

Don’t do anything more than 3 times

Most smart locks have an automated locking mechanism to increase security against burglary. This means that any action tried more than 3 times could engage this safety feature and operate the lock for half an hour or in some instances, more. If, however, you’ve already gone past this point and you’ve already tried operating the mechanism with an access code, hand or voice ID too many times, you will have to wait for the lock to reboot.

When you need to reboot

Batteries are the first thing you should check when your smart lock fails to work as expected. When batteries are weak, the lock might get stuck in the locked or open position. A red indicator means that one of the batteries is weak and you should have it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any problems.

Weak signals can also be problematic as most smart locks are connected wirelessly to a security system. When this connection is weak, the lock may need to reboot in order to reassign itself to the network and improve signal strength.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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