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What is a master key

the best access control system in the world

You can recall the old movies, where the janitor / building super walks around carrying a bunch of keys, making a distinguish noise that alarms everyone he’s around? Well…. That’s just because he didn’t have a master to back him up… the master key’s sole purpose is to open a few doors with one key.

Who needs a master key?

You shouldn’t worry someone has the key to your home / business, as this person can access not to your property, but also- all your neighbors’ property as well – so he (or she) must be highly reliable….

Most times in which someone has one mater key to open a few locks, it is his responsibility to watch over these very properties; it could either be a shopping mall general manager / apartments super / real estate agents etc.

Should you get a master key?

Is your business is rapidly growing? Start needing more and more space (offices / storage / private facilities, such as: kitchen & toilets for your employees only)?

you want to have that master key in your back pocket… you surly don’t want anyone with access to storage could also access your office – so your master keeps you covered and in control.

Master key for homes and apartments:

If you are a homeowner and you notice you have more then 4-5 different locks in your property – maybe you should consider having a master key… to be honest it’s more about convenience; in case you’ll ever lose a key and don’t really have the time to deal with in right then and there- you have your master and you can open & lock everything.

To sum up, a master key is a key that can open several doors, even a hundred is you need it to – so keep it in high quality and in a safe place!

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