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How Fire Door Locks Make Emergency Exits More Secure

David Davidof - Certified Locksmith Installer in Miami FL

Most big buildings and apartment blocks have a fire door with a fire door lock and all commercial locksmiths will advocate their necessity for one main reason: their efficacy and stamina. Fire doors are highly resilient and provide safety when it is most needed.

Preventing and withholding fire and explosives:

Safety measures are a crucial aspect of any commercial real-estate plan and for good reason. Its essential to plan for the worst, even if we expect and hope for the best. A fire door and fire door lock guarantee a safe location in the event of a fire for a number of reasons. Firstly, they offer compartmentalization between different rooms, guaranteeing that fire will not penetrate them for at least one hour, no matter the ferocity of the blaze. Secondly, during the planning stages, emergency exits are placed and safety protocols are agreed upon that allow for quick evacuation in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

Why would you want to lock a fire door?

We should clarify here that the lock on a fire door is not used to lock in or out. They are left unlocked at all times except for emergency situations and will lock automatically in order to prevent fire doors from losing their strength. At Quickly Locksmith we can help any beginner developer to understand this vital detail and offer suggestions on how it can be utilized safely.

David Davidof

David Davidof

David Davidof is the founder & owner of Quickly Locksmith. The business has grown from strength to strength to become Miami’s go-to provider for Locksmith and Security services. Whilst the company has grown, the founding ethos has remained the same - Helping people in emergency situations and giving them the feeling they are safe.

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