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7 Vital Steps Every Miami Airbnb Host Should Take for Flawless Guest Experience & Property Safety

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When it comes to Airbnb’s profitability, Miami is making quite the name for itself. This sunny city has recently been labeled one of the most profitable markets in the world. Not only that but it also ranks extremely high in terms of occupancy in the American market. For property owners, those are two impressive stats, but it also means that competition is steep and hosts need to find ways for their property to stand out among the masses if they hope to charge high rental rates.

What’s the secret of success for Airbnb hosts in Miami? It’s all about offering guests satisfaction, comfort, and safety in a unique and welcoming environment. For hosts that are looking to increase profits not just in 2023 but moving into 2024 the focus needs to be on a flawless guest experience and property safety.

To take any confusion out of it for Miami Airbnb hosts, here are seven vital steps they should be taking for a flawless guest experience and property safety, plus a look at why it matters. It’s all about creating the kind of property that guests want to book and want to return to.

Why It Matters?

As a host of a Miami Airbnb, there’s a lot more involved than just the initial purchase of the property. It’s about offering continuing improvements that benefit the guests and in turn – the profits. At the very least, hosts need to keep up with the competition around them, making sure their property can compete with others on the market.

By making sure the guest experience is flawless from start to finish the guests will feel safe and secure. This means hosts can expect improved ratings and reviews of the property, which in turn increases interest. Should a potential guest search by the best reviews and ratings, the property will show up near the top – if not the very top of the search results in Miami. It’s a way of getting a leg up on the competition.

Another benefit of taking safety measures seriously is that the property starts to build a strong reputation for itself. Any guest wants to know that during their stay they don’t have to worry about potential issues like break-ins and robberies.

And it’s not just serious security issues such as break-ins it also protects the property from potential mishaps that can be costly. Today’s smart alarms can monitor and detect a variety of potential issues such as carbon monoxide, water leaks, and fire.

Profitability Always Has to Factor In as an Airbnb Host:

Why spend the extra time and energy to elevate the guest experience in a Miami property? It comes down to the numbers. Statistics show that the national average on an Airbnb rental yield is 6%. However, should a host offer a property in the Miami area they can expect an average yield of 7.3%. It makes for a very attractive market from a profit standpoint. Even for those who haven’t yet entered the market and are still searching for a property, it helps Miami to shoot to the top of the list.

Of course, all that interest can lead to a saturated market. As a host, it will be important to find creative ways to stay competitive, as location can’t be the only factor.

Step 1 – The Booking Experience Must Be Flawless:

Because a seamless experience can make or break a stay for Airbnb hosts, Miami property owners are realizing just how important this feature is. It includes things like a smooth, simple and fast booking experience, providing guests with a confirmation number/code, making sure guests can easily check up on the booking and make any special requests they want of the host, and providing clear contact information.

For hosts that use a property manager, there still needs to be oversight in making sure the property manager is staying on top of the guest experience.

Step 2 – The Property Must Be Well-Maintained and Cared For:

It’s also important that hosts take the necessary steps to ensure the property is well-maintained and cared for. This reaches much deeper than just simple things like cleaning the interior and keeping the exterior neat and tidy. Maintenance should also include repairs, replacement of damaged items, and so forth.

Hosts should pay close attention to such things as door locks and window locks, ensuring they work properly and are secure. Should a lock become damaged, repairs need to happen immediately or else safety and security are at risk. It’s not just when the property has guests in it, the property can be at greater risk when it’s sitting empty. Potential intruders may be waiting for just that moment.

The top areas that intruders will be looking to gain access to the property include:

  •         Front door
  •         Side door
  •         Sliding backyard doors
  •         Garage door
  •         Main floor windows

Rather than wait for the property to be targeted by an intruder, it is recommended that property owners regularly do visual checks of the exterior looking for any potential red flags.

Step 3 – Install a Smart Lock System

While a smart lock system doesn’t need to be installed, for hosts that are managing a property from afar this can be one of the best ways to ensure secure premises at all times. Today’s smart lock systems offer a wide array of user-friendly features that guests can have access to. It’s also a modern high-tech feature that can increase the value of the property, and there for the rent that owners can charge.

The following chart outlines some of the key features that an Airbnb property in Miami should have:

Remote unlocking/locking system


This allows guests to lock and unlock the doors to the property using their smart devices. This ensures if they forget to lock the door when leaving, they can do so from any location.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors can send an alert to the designated smart device.

Guest access codes

Hosts can assign guests a temporary entry code which is then inactivated at the end of their stay.

Smoke detector/alarm

The smoke detector can send alerts to the designated smart device and the alarm center.

Glass break sensor

The glass break sensor can send alerts to the designated smart device and the alarm center.

Carbon monoxide detector/alarm

The carbon monoxide detector can send alerts to the designated smart device and the alarm center.

Touch button alarm center communication

Guests can have instant access to the alarm monitoring center in case of an emergency.

Panic button

Panic buttons can be strategically located throughout the house and connect guests to the alarm monitoring center.

Interior and exterior cameras

Interior and exterior cameras can be used for live views, taking pictures, and recording video should any suspicious activity occur.


Step 4 – Set Up a Guest Verification System

Whether the property has a revolving door of guests or not, Miami-based Airbnb property owners are also being urged to create a guest verification system. Without this security measure, it’s far too easy for someone to claim they have a reservation and gain access. There are specific platforms that have been created for exactly this reason, taking all the questions out of the process.

Step 5– Give Guests an Easy-to-Follow Home Security Guide

While many guests will appreciate the fact features such as important security features, it can also be intimidating for those who don’t have experience with a home alarm system. Hosts should be sure to create a user-friendly home security guide or manual that remains in an easy-to-spot location in the home.

The guide should go over all the basics of how, when and why to use the security system making sure that the instructions are clear to follow. Using steps and bullet points can make the guide easier to read and refer to. Dividing the guide into sections, complete with tabs is always a wise idea.

Some hosts are even providing digital copies of the home security guide either once guests arrive at the property, or on the day of arrival.

Step 6 – Create a Security Welcome Video

Because Miami is known for having so many sleek and modern Airbnb properties, it’s also a good idea for hosts to film a professional quality security welcome video. The video needs to be short and sweet, right to the point so guests don’t need to take up much time viewing. Hosts can take a warm approach, making sure that they aren’t instilling fear in guests, rather they are empowering them with a host of high-tech security tools and features.

This kind of video is ideal for going over the basics of arming the security system, how to input the entry code, how to turn off the alarm should it be accidentally triggered and so forth. Property owners can’t assume that every guest has experience with a home alarm system.

Step 7 – Provide Guests with Local Emergency Numbers and Information

Finally, hosts should provide a list of local emergency numbers, locations, and information. Ideally, guests arrive, have a great stay and that’s the end of the story but unfortunately, that’s not always the reality. For those who aren’t from the Miami-area, they need to know what to do in case of emergency and who to call. This helps guests to feel safer and more at ease.

Helping the Property to Stand Out and Remain Secure

The great thing about these vital steps is that they not only help a property to stand out and elevate the guest experience, but they help to keep the property secure.

Ensure Your Miami-Based Airbnb Property Is Safe and Secure

We are a professional Miami-based locksmith company that provides a whole host of services and products for residential homeowners over 15 years, Airbnb property owners, and commercial properties. They can advise owners on the best course of action to take, what to install, and get it done seamlessly.

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David Davidof

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