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What to Expect from Your Local Lock Shop

Quickly Locksmith Miami Local Locksmith Shop In Downtown Miami FL

A locksmith’s skill and craft can sometimes be overlooked and you’d be forgiven for thinking a low-price option for a quick job is OK. A quick google search for ‘locksmith near me’ or ‘local locksmith in Miami’ will generate a long list of ‘professionals’, but who should you chose? Well money isn’t everything and it’s … Read more

Tips to Improve Your Home Security When You Are Short on Money

Access control installation in Miami FL

Smart gates, smart locks and 360 surround security cameras all represent the pinnacle of current technology for securing your home, but the annual costs all add up and not everyone is in the financial position to go down this route. At Quickly Locksmith here in Miami, we are available to help if a smart security … Read more

Top Locksmith Tips for New & Improved Security

Salto Access Control Systems

New Year- Top Locksmith Tips for New & Improved Security Every year, the security and lock market becomes more sophisticated and offers wider selections of products to improve security in your home or business. Despite this, many locksmiths still attend the sites of burgled houses and commercial properties and part of the reason lies in … Read more

Quick Tips for Opening Any Locked Door

schlage locks fresh installation

Lost Your Keys? Quick Tips for Opening Any Locked Door After you’re back inside, and you feel like you’ve gained your sense of control again, then you can resolve all other issues concerning your lost keys. But first thing is first – how to open a locked door when you have no idea where your … Read more

How Fire Door Locks Make Emergency Exits More Secure

David Davidof - Certified Locksmith Installer in Miami FL

Most big buildings and apartment blocks have a fire door with a fire door lock and all commercial locksmiths will advocate their necessity for one main reason: their efficacy and stamina. Fire doors are highly resilient and provide safety when it is most needed. Preventing and withholding fire and explosives: Safety measures are a crucial … Read more