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Top 7 Spots for Residential Camera and Sensor Placement

The Best Camera and Sensor Placement Options

Your new home security system is only as good as your camera and sensor placement. Too many Miami homeowners aren’t getting the protection they paid for, but you don’t need to fall into this category. After many years of specializing in residential security in Miami, we know exactly how to ensure you get the best … Read more

Should I Rekey a New Lock?

Should I Rekey a New Lock?

When moving into a new home or relocating to a new business premises, who still has access to the property is a major concern. So, when should you rekey a new lock or change the lock completely? If you don’t necessarily have any concerns about the security of a lock but are worried about who … Read more

Why Won’t My Key Turn in the Door Lock?

Why Won't My Key Turn in the Lock

There are several things that can go wrong with a lock and a key simply not turning is one of them. A broken barrel, gearbox, or lock body are just some of the reasons why keys stop turning. Other reasons include seized lock pins, faulty levers, and a broken bolt thrower. Many of these problems … Read more