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Digital Security: Top Products to Consider in 2023

Digital Security: Top Products to Consider in 2021
Digital security is more popular than ever before. More and more homeowners have moved away from mechanical locks and switched to personalized digital systems – as have commercial property owners. Along with offering new ways to secure your home, digital security products are more affordable and accessible than they once were.

Digital Security Products to Consider in 2023:

Here are some of the top products we install at residential and commercial properties.

Electronic Locks:

The majority of electronic locks don’t require any hard wiring and provide wire-free, networked solutions for both homes and businesses. Electronic locks can be installed on most standard doors. Why install electronic locks though? For one, you don’t need to worry about key copies when you have electronic locks because it’s not possible for just anyone to make them. There is also only one key for everything – no need for large bunches of keys. Should someone lose a key, it simply needs to be removed from the system. For commercial property owners, it is also easier to change the access rights for specific keys. Lastly, electronic locks add an extra layer of security to any home or building.

Electronic Door Cylinder:

Electronic door cylinders are ideal when it is not possible to fit an electronic lock on a standard door. They can also be fitted to racks, gates, cabinets, and sliding doors. Door cylinders make it possible for businesses to connect standard locks and keyless access technology using a cloud-hosted platform. The cylinder responds to key cards or a mobile application, allowing business owners to give certain employees access to specific areas of a building. While it is not always the norm, it is also possible to utilize door cylinders on residential doors.

Wall Readers:

For commercial property owners, there are also wall readers. These small devices are used to secure access points or where interaction with devices such as elevators, electric gates, and roller shutter doors are required. Wall readers are often used in facilities such as health and fitness centers or to secure conference rooms or garages. Once an access card is held up to the reader, access is granted. These devices are simple to install and offer a much-needed layer of security.

How Many Digital Security Locks Do I Need?

For homeowners, adding electronic locks to the front and backdoor is the norm. As for commercial property owners, this depends on your specific requirements. Ideally, if you are considering making the switch to digital security, you should arrange a security audit to find out more about the options that are right for you. A reputable locksmith can also help guide you in terms of the brands you should be using.
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