How Smart Technology Is Improving Business Security

Smart technology is getting better and better and as it does businesses are finding ways to use this technology to improve their security. These are some of the effects that smart technology has been having on businesses so far this year, with the main highlight being on the great use of integrated smart locks.

Facial and Fingerprint Recognition Software

Access Systems constantly aid businesses in controlling who has access to specific areas of the business at specific times. Facial and fingerprint software improves the security of these systems tenfold. Instead of relying on staff members to keep hold of cards or remember codes, the systems can rely on a fingerprint, or a sophisticated camera system can recognise you.

This eliminates the chance of someone else using a borrowed card or code to gain access when they are not meant to be on site or in an area.

Smart Security Cameras

These are not as costly as regular CCTV cameras so make great alternatives for small businesses. They connect to your smart devices and mobile phones and can be set to record at set times. Although the casings can look and feel cheap, the camera quality is decent for the job that they do.

Ultimately these cameras record activity to the cloud. They can be smart doorbells, pet cams, baby cams, or security cameras. The cameras in most are the same, but the casing is different. You can pull up the feed to these cameras at any time on your phone and see what is going on at the other end of the feed.

Video Business Conferencing

With the work from home days still close to mind, and still a reality for many, video conferencing has come on in leaps and bounds. No longer is this technology reliant on webcams and complicated software.

Cameras focus and provide choices of backgrounds. Smart technology highlights who is speaking and provides options so people can alert others when they have a comment they would like to share. These features make business conferences a lot more engaging and productive. But it goes beyond that!

Video conferencing comes with special keys and encryptions, so the conference is protected. Not just anyone can join the conference. Company secrets can be protected. You cannot get into the meeting without authorization or an invitation from the host. If someone does slip by the net the host has full capability to kick someone from the meeting once more.

Smart Business Buildings

It is cool to be able to say lights on and have the lights come on. Even cooler to say computers on and be greeted with the sound of your office computers booting up. But when security issues are a concern, consider the following security issues and how smart technology can help:

  • Computers are being hacked computers off. 
  • Robbery in process alert security
  • Missing child go into lockdown and/or alert the front desk depending on the business and situation.

Smart Locking Systems

Smart locks come with the added benefit of working well with other smart technologies. So, using smart technology as your main lock on your business is a no brainer. Not only does this provide your main door with a lock that has the option for a code, key card, facial recognition, or fingerprint access, it also provides the business with the following security benefits:

    • No keyhole to pick, bump or force. (Smart locks can be hacked though so be sure to always maintain your smart lock and keep it updated)
    • You’ll never lose your business keys again.
    • Easily change pins and pass codes in an emergency.
    • Set smart lights to turn on when the door unlocks.
    • If the business is breached, the lock can trigger an alarm. Depending on the smart technology package this can:

    -Alert a security company
    -Alert the police
    -Send an alert to your phone
    -Set off an alarm inside the business
    -Start recording on CCTV (normally saves to cloud)

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