How to Enhance the Security of your Warehouse in 2022

Warehouses are a vital part to many businesses. They hold the stock that keeps a business running. They are also a great target for thieves and criminal damage. But that is not all they have to contend with. A warehouse is likely to suffer criminal activity from the employees inside as much as they are the criminals outside. 

With that in mind, here are 7 things you can do to help enhance the security of your warehouse.

7 Steps to Improve Warehouse Security


CCTV doesn’t only record the crime in action, it deters it. Most criminals are not invested in the idea of having their face or profile caught on camera. 

There are some pointers to note should you install CCTV to improve the security of your warehouse.

  • Placement. 

Placement does not just cover the angles you wish to see from, nor is it simply about placing them to watch all entrances and exits. While these things are important it is just as important to place them out of reach.

If a criminal can access your camera, they can paint the lens black, block the image, cut the connection, or remove the system completely. For these reasons you will want to place your camera out of reach and away from climbable units, like scaffolding or steps.

  • Proactive vs Reactive. 

It is good to have a CCTV that can catch the crime in action. (Reactive) You can forward the information about the crime to the police and your insurance.

However, it is even better to have a system that will alert suspicious activity to yourself, security, or the local police. (Proactive)This can put a stop to the crime while it is in motion.

2. Improve your Warehouse Lighting

Criminals work best in the dark, or in shady corners. Whether we are talking criminals who have come in off the street or an employee deciding on a shady action, they gravitate towards darker areas where they are less likely to be seen.

Having lighting covering all areas of your warehouse can deter the idea of criminal activity as it increases their chances of getting caught.

3. Enclose the Area

Adding a fence or wall around your warehouse can make a big difference. It makes the warehouse look like less of an easy target.

This action alone can ward off those who are killing time through crime, destroying things for fun, writing graffiti on walls. Crimes of opportunity will reduce as there will be less of an opportunity.

For added security add some anti climb paint or wall spikes to your enclosure. This will make it difficult for anyone to access.

4. WMS or RFID readers

Unfortunately, a lot of warehouse crime comes from inside the building. This is where employees skim a little of the side. While it is seen by many as a victimless crime, it is estimated to cost the US alone an estimated $11 billion by Retail Research.

Investing in WMS or RFID readers in your warehouse will enable you to digitally know your stock, removing the option for dodgy stock counts and unobvious warehouse skimming.

5. Work Smarter not Harder

Smart security systems are becoming more and more popular with many great features. Having a smart security system in your warehouse can allow you to:


  • Monitor staff arriving and leaving.
  • Prevent staff from entering all areas.
  • Alert you to suspicious activity.
  • Record activity through CCTV.
  • Alert security or police if any alarms are triggered.
  • Trigger alarms when connected to motion sensors or door codes.

Smart Systems are not an end all to security problems, but they can streamline the process of enhancing your warehouse security.

6. Hire Warehouse Security

Security guards know what they are doing. They are paid to keep your warehouse safe, therefore it is in their best interest to do their best for you and your warehouse.

Having 24/7 security is a real deterrent for many criminals. Couple this with CCTV cameras, good lighting, and a good alarm system and you have a strong security presence for your warehouse.

7. Build Trusting Relationships with Staff

Help your staff to care about your business or warehouse. If you treat staff right, they are more likely to treat you right. Staff who do not respect their employers will not worry about skimming a little of the top.

When an employee trusts and respects the people that they work for, they become a real asset. They are less likely to skim and more likely to care enough about the business to ensure that your security standards remain high.

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