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Bluetooth Locks – Everything You Need to Know.

Bluetooth locks, everything you need to know

The world has come a long way from locking doors with simple keys. As technology has improved, so has our home security. Bluetooth and smart locks are becoming more and more popular as both businesses and homeowners look for more secure ways of living. 

Are you looking at buying a Bluetooth Lock for your home? Here’s what you need to know >>

What is a Bluetooth Lock?

A Bluetooth lock is the 2022 way of locking up your home without the need for house keys. It is a device that attaches to your door in place of your lock. Then, with a touch of a button, a voice command, or a code, it will unlock your door without the use of keys.

How Does it Work?

Bluetooth pairs with your smartphone, or other smart devices. As most phones already have Bluetooth functionality, connecting your locks is a simple process. 

Once the Bluetooth lock is installed on your door you will need to download and run a lock-specific app. The lock itself will have come with a unique code that you will use to pair your lock with your app. You can then set your lock to open and close on command, with a code, or with a touch of a button. 

You can also set your locks to open for other people. For example, setting up a temporary key that only works at certain times which you can then give to your caregiver, housekeeper, dog walker, or family member. 

The Types of Bluetooth Lock

There are many types of Bluetooth locks on the market, the main ones include:

  • Bluetooth Only Smart Lock. 

This lock works only on Bluetooth. Compared to other Smart locks the distance on a Bluetooth lock is relatively low. While the smart locks running on wireless or Z wave can unlock your home from the other side of your city, a Bluetooth-only lock can work between 30 feet (for older and cheaper models) and up to 150 feet (for Bluetooth systems running on 5.0 and above).

  • WIFI and Bluetooth Locks

This type of lock gives you the security of Bluetooth with the advantages of Wi-Fi making it a popular choice. The Wi-Fi allows for quick repairing of the lock as well as pairing with other smart home features. 

  • Keypad Locks

While still utilizing the Bluetooth options, this smart lock gives you the option to set a code that others can use to enter the home. You can change this code at any time using the smart lock app on your phone. 

Not Without Problems

Bluetooth locks have many clear benefits. They:

  • Prevent lock bumping and picking. 
  • Allow for easy access to your home when you or a family member needs it.
  • Can connect with other smart home security features to increase the safety of your property.
  • Some are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Home Kit. Check individual locks for details. 

Bluetooth locks are a convenient way of keeping your home and your family safe. But, like all locks, they have a downside. 

  • While they cannot be picked or bumped, they can be hacked. However, Bluetooth only locks will limit that hacking to 150 feet of the device. 
  • Power cuts could potentially lock you out of your home or leave your door open while you are away. 
  • Smart locks often run on batteries that can last anywhere between 1 month to 2 years. 

Thinking About Switching to Smart Locks?

If you are considering replacing your locks with a smart system, contact a member of our team at Quickly Locksmiths for Friendly expert advice. You can do this through our Contact page or by calling (305) 984-9922.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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