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What is an Impression Key?

What is an Impression Key?

An impression key is used during the impressioning process to create a key for a lock.

Impressioning is generally used when the original key is no longer available to make a duplicate.

To complete this process, a locksmith requires the lock in question and a blank key.

From there, the following steps are taken:

  • A file or code machine is used to prepare the impression key, which is then inserted into the keyhole of the lock.
  • The key is then gently moved around so that the pins leave small markings on the key.
  • A locksmith then files each marking or impression, ensuring the pins of the lock interact with the new key so that it is able to turn.
  • The depth of each groove is determined before a new key is cut according to factory specifications.

If this new key works, a locksmith can make duplicates so that you don’t run into this issue again.

A locksmith is able to impression in a key in about 10 minutes if you are dealing with a professional that is.

It is possible to purchase an impressioning kit and attempt this process yourself, but it’s not recommended if you don’t have the experience.

If you have lost the original key for a lock, contact Quickly Locksmith on (305) 984-9922.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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