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What Should I Do If the Key FOB for My Car Door is Broken?

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Technology certainly makes life more convenient. However, these gadgets also have the potential to fail at some point. Remote FOBs are simple but sophisticated in the sense that its signal is unique to your vehicle. No other FOB can lock and unlock your car.

So, what should you do if your key FOB stops working?

Start by making sure the FOB is at fault by trying out a backup FOB. Don’t have one or can’t access it? Most key FOBs have hidden keys – use this to manually start your car, enabling you to drive to a locksmith.

In most instances, FOBs fail because the battery is dead. Fortunately, these are inexpensive and easy to replace. If after replacing the batteries your key FOB still doesn’t work, it could mean there’s an issue with the internal contacts.

In order to inspect these contacts though, you will need to look inside the FOB, which is best left to a professional. You could take the key to a dealership, but this is often the more costly option. Your local locksmith such as Quickly Locksmith is a better bet if you want a speedy and more affordable solution.

The other possibility is that your key FOB has lost the signal for your car, which means it needs to be reprogrammed, something else a locksmith can assist you with.

As a last resource, you may need to replace the key FOB completely. Again, this can either be done through the dealership where you bought the vehicle or with the assistance of a reputable locksmith.

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