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Can You Rekey a Deadbolt?

Can You Rekey a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt consists of a barrel as well as five spring-loaded pins, which means it is possible to rekey a deadbolt.

Rekeying is the preferred alternative to replacing a deadbolt because it is more affordable. This is mainly because the pins that need to be replaced are inexpensive and you won’t need to purchase a brand-new lock.

To rekey a deadbolt, a locksmith replaces the existing pins with different ones, making it compatible with a new key. This sounds complicated but with the right tools, it is actually quite a straightforward procedure.

In order for a locksmith to rekey a deadbolt, however, the existing key is required. Without this key, the lock first needs to be picked open before it can be rekeyed. Not having the existing key can make this process more costly.

It should be noted that rekeying a deadbolt will not compromise the security of the lock. If the existing 5 pins are replaced with 5 new pins, the deadbolt will be just as secure as it once was. If you would prefer to upgrade the security of your locks, it is recommended you upgrade to high-security locks.

All deadbolts have the ability to be rekeyed. It is mostly just the tools that differ. A professional locksmith such as Quickly Locksmith will have the tools necessary to rekey your specific deadbolt brand.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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