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Cost-Effective Ways to Secure a Sliding Glass Door Lock

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Sliding glass doors are rarely used for residential front doors and for good reason. They provide vastly lower levels of security, not only in the fact that the large glass panel is easily broken, but the locking systems are generally inferior and easier to break into. While they are rarely used as front doors, they are still a popular option for rear doors as they offer more pleasant views of the exterior of your property. Therefore, it is important to ensure they are kept as secure as possible to keep unwanted intruders away.

Extra measures:

Any reputable locksmith will recommend that any glass sliding doors are backed up with additional security measures. Motion sensor alarms and cameras offer excellent security and cost much less than they used to. They offer that all important extra layer of protection that allow you to be constantly aware of any attempt to get in through your otherwise vulnerable glass sliding door which can give valuable minutes to inform the police, your security company or create some other kind of deterrent.

Extra locks:

If for whatever reason you would rather not add a security camera or motion sensor alarm, perhaps for aesthetic reasons, adding an additional lock offers slightly more protection. In this situation, our experts at Quickly Locksmiths highly recommend using Schlage high security chains inside the lower glass door track or the installation of an auxiliary lock to accompany the existing one. While these methods won’t provide the level of security you can expect from fully fledged alarms and cameras, they do offer additional peace of mind.

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