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How To Keep The House Secure When You Are Selling It

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You’ve made the big decision and you’re moving. Whether it’s for work or you’ve outgrown your old home, the only thing left to do is find a buyer. 

This can be an exhilarating process. But it can also open you and your family to potential security risks.

Keeping you and your family safe means adhering to a few precautions when putting your house on the market.

Secure Your Valuables for Showings

The energy around showings is contagious. That perfect buyer may be just around the corner. You never know who is in the audience at a showing though, especially open ones.

Before the showing starts, remove all valuables from your home. You can’t store them in bedroom closets and storage cupboards, assuming that attendees will stay in assigned public areas.

Don’t leave bills, bank statements, identification, social security, or other personal information lying around. You could subject yourself or a member of your family to identity theft.

Schedule Viewings By Appointment Only

For the reasons discussed above, it might be better to avoid public showings. Schedule individual showings where you have more control over the attendees. That way, you’re dealing with one or two people at the most.

Sometimes, even with fewer people at the showing, you could still be in danger if you conduct them personally. Have someone you trust accompany you at all showings.

Don’t allow walk-ins or drop-ins access to your home either.

Use A Realtor

Showings are a realtor’s stock and trade. When you use a realtor to do your showings you take several worries off of your shoulders, including security.

Realtors will pre-screen attendees. They will also take on the responsibility of conducting the showings for you.

Install A Security System

If your home did not previously have a security system, now would be a good time to invest in one. 

Selling a home could take months, with the close period alone being anywhere between 45 and 90 days. If you’re not in the house all this time, it’s an easy target for criminals.

You can do this yourself with a security app on your phone, connected to a few strategically placed cameras. Alternatively, you could have your system professionally installed and monitored.

Any damage from a break-in before the transfer of ownership becomes the seller’s responsibility.

Check Locks After Showings

This is an overlooked step but it may prevent a home invasion or serious injury to you or a family member if you are staying at home during showings.

It is not unknown for criminals to pretend to be legitimate buyers just for the chance to compromise an alarm system or lock.

Before you go to bed after a showing, check all of your windows and doors to see that they remain locked.

Give your home a general walkthrough

Continuing from the above point, make a general inspection of your home. This will let you know if anything is missing, or damaged after a showing. 

If a realtor is conducting showings on your behalf, call them and let them know. If you are doing the showings yourself, call the police.

Take Pictures

When you are accustomed to a space looking a particular way, it takes you some time to notice something is different. Taking pictures of your home before the showing will help you identify if anything has gone missing from your home more quickly.

Use Exterior Lights

Whether you’re selling your home or not, exterior lights are a good idea. Exterior lights have often been cited as a simple but effective deterrent.

There are fewer shadows for burglars to hide. They also allow you to view the exterior of your home better from the inside.

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David Davidof

David Davidof

David Davidof is the founder & owner of Quickly Locksmith. The business has grown from strength to strength to become Miami’s go-to provider for Locksmith and Security services. Whilst the company has grown, the founding ethos has remained the same - Helping people in emergency situations and giving them the feeling they are safe.

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