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How to Open a Padlock without a Key

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When it comes to securing premises and belongings, a padlock can be one of the best solutions to pick. Padlocks are incredibly easy to use, and the “installation” is simple and quick. While not completely tamper-free, they are far from easy to breach. Padlocks are often used on outdoor sheds, gates, exterior doors, and even … Read more

How Much Does a Security Risk Assessment Cost

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Do you own a company and are looking for ways to ensure that sensitive data and customer information are kept safe? Have you heard about security risk assessments and are wondering if it’s right for you? Security risk assessments have become more important than ever with cyber threats and crimes on the rise. You read … Read more

How to Secure Mailbox from Theft

locksmith technician changes key for mail boxes in Miami FL

Your mailbox is likely one of those things you haven’t given too much thought to. You know you collect your mail and potentially packages from it and that’s about it. But did you know that without proper security, your mailbox can be a prime target for theft? There has been a rise in mail theft … Read more

Locksmith DIY: Simple Fixes for Everyday Lock Problems

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Locksmith

Locksmiths perform incredibly important jobs each day. They ensure that people’s homes and businesses are kept safe and secure, yet it’s not a job you give much thought to – until you need a locksmith. So have you ever stopped and wondered how a locksmith could help you? Here we’ll take a look at several … Read more

Should You Give Someone Else Your Home Security Code?

a smart lock used to protect homes from the thieves

Should You Give Someone Else Your Home Security Code? How many times have you gone on vacation or left town for a couple of days and considered giving someone else your home security code? Maybe it’s not even for the reason of leaving your city/town, rather you have a friend or a significant other that … Read more

How to Secure Your House When Going on Summer Vacation

Steps to Take When Locked Out of Your Plane in Miami

Are you heading out on a summer vacation and are excited about the prospect of getting away and leaving all your stress behind? Who doesn’t look forward to a summer vacation, let’s face it you’ve probably worked for months if not more to earn it. Unfortunately, criminals are well aware of just how popular summer … Read more

Signs That Your Home Is Marked or Has Been Forcibly Entered

David Davidof, Quickly Locksmith Miami owner presenting high security locks at our store in downtown Miami

Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, the place you can retreat to and relax. It should be a source of comfort and safety. And while that is true for most people, unfortunately far too many homeowners find themselves the victims of a home invasion or burglary. Acting after the fact to secure your … Read more

What are the Average Locksmith Costs in Miami 2023?

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As a resident or business owner in Miami, you may find yourself in need of a locksmith at some point. Whether you’re locked out of your car or home, need new locks installed, or have a key that needs duplicating, it’s important to know what to expect in terms of cost. In this guide, we’ll … Read more

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Locks

an old door locks at home

Locks are an important part of keeping your home and possessions safe, but over time, they can wear out and become less effective.  Knowing when it’s time to replace your locks is crucial for maintaining the security of your property. Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your locks: Age If … Read more