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What is a master key

the best access control system in the world

You can recall the old movies, where the janitor / building super walks around carrying a bunch of keys, making a distinguish noise that alarms everyone he’s around? Well…. That’s just because he didn’t have a master to back him up… the master key’s sole purpose is to open a few doors with one key. … Read more

How to make a Spare Key Without the Original

The Benefits of High-Security Locks

Hey! We’ve all been there! And still… Losing your key could be frustrating as hell! Now the good thing is if you remain calm, this is a completely manageable situation and the good news are- in most central locations, you’ll be back on you marry way in less than one hour. How? What should you … Read more

What is lock snapping

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To simplify things – locks snapping equals cylinder snapping; it requires absolutely no skills and any burglar who set his (or her…) mind to it -could do it, and do it well! As strong as your lock might be, it still has one soft spot, more vulnerable to damages, the locks’ cylinder! Here’s all you … Read more