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How to fix a loose doorknob or loose door handle

locksmith technician prepares the door for installation at a condo in Miami FL

One of our most frequently used security measures around the house is the front door, it opens and closes so many times every single day, it’s bound to loosen every few months.

As the leading locksmith Miami has to offer, Quickly Locksmith is here to help, with a few tips on how you can do it yourself!

Locksmith tips:

  • When your doorknob or lever start to loosen or pull away from the actual door you should first check out the doorknob/lever design to see what the correct way is to fastened back on to the door’s spindle.
  • In case you find rust (very easy to Spotify, simply use a slightly wet towel through the cracks and see if it comes out with rust stains) check and see if it’s still manageable (using white vinegar + Aluminum Foil / baking soda + water – should take any early rust right off). If you see the rust is spreading, take under consideration it’s easier to break. You might want to ask for residential locksmith services in that case.
  • In older doorknobs, you might find the doorknob spins loosely on the spindle, unlike modern models that already secure the knobs and spindles together with various mechanical aid. In this case, you should tighten the set screw into the collar (recessed hex-head screw / flat-head / Philips) as strong as you can.      

Our locksmith technician installing a brand new door in a residential building in Miami FL

Locksmith for doors:

In most cases, door knobs and door handles are the first to be affected by the weather and damaged in case of attempted burglaries, any reliable locksmith Miami has to offer could tell you right away if you might consider replacing it, or just perform a quick tight up.

The tips given here are tips for maintenance’s alone and are not recommended in case you just moved into a new property / experienced a security breach in your property- in those cases, head to your local locksmith for doors and ask for their locksmith services based on your current security requirements.

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