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Essential Tips for Keeping Art Secure In Your Home or Gallery

Working at our client: ARMANI MIAMI

Essential Tips for Keeping Art Secure In Your Home or Gallery Whether you’re running a gallery, or you have a few collectible pieces at home, your art is important to you, and having it stolen would be a disaster. Not only have you taken the time to carefully select these pieces, but chances are, they … Read more

How Strategic Garden Design Can Be an Intruder Deterrent

Our technician is installing smart cameras for a client's garden

Your home is your haven, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be a target for criminals. We protect our homes by securing our windows and doors and installing security devices, but what about the outside of your home? When criminals are able to gain access to your property with ease, it automatically increases the chances … Read more

Are Biometric Locks Worth the Hype? A Look at the Pros and Cons

Everything You Need to Know About Installing and Using Smart Locks

Technology is something that has touched every industry in the past few decades. It seems just as quickly as a new tech item or gadget is embraced, an updated version is released. One industry that is taking full advantage of technological advances is the residential and commercial security field. Biometrics have burst onto the scene, … Read more

How to Protect Your Locks From Weather Damage: Tips and Tricks

most common home security mistakes

The locks on your home are meant to keep you and your belongings safe. Whether you are locking the doors as you leave the house, or you’re locking up for the evening, you expect them to do their job and keep things secure. Because you depend on them they need to stay in good working … Read more

How to Open a Padlock without a Key

David Davidoff, company owner after a successful expert locksmith services in Miami FL

When it comes to securing premises and belongings, a padlock can be one of the best solutions to pick. Padlocks are incredibly easy to use, and the “installation” is simple and quick. While not completely tamper-free, they are far from easy to breach. Padlocks are often used on outdoor sheds, gates, exterior doors, and even … Read more

How Much Does a Security Risk Assessment Cost

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Do you own a company and are looking for ways to ensure that sensitive data and customer information are kept safe? Have you heard about security risk assessments and are wondering if it’s right for you? Security risk assessments have become more important than ever with cyber threats and crimes on the rise. You read … Read more

How to Secure Mailbox from Theft

locksmith technician changes key for mail boxes in Miami FL

Your mailbox is likely one of those things you haven’t given too much thought to. You know you collect your mail and potentially packages from it and that’s about it. But did you know that without proper security, your mailbox can be a prime target for theft? There has been a rise in mail theft … Read more

Locksmith DIY: Simple Fixes for Everyday Lock Problems

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Locksmith

Locksmiths perform incredibly important jobs each day. They ensure that people’s homes and businesses are kept safe and secure, yet it’s not a job you give much thought to – until you need a locksmith. So have you ever stopped and wondered how a locksmith could help you? Here we’ll take a look at several … Read more