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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Parcel Theft

top 5 ways to avoid parcel theft

Since the pandemic sent the world into lockdown, more and more people turned to online companies in order to complete their shopping. This led to an increase in parcel deliveries and an unfortunate increase in parcel theft. There are ways to reduce the chances of having your parcels stolen by a porch pirate. Here are some top tips to help you increase your porch and parcel security. 

Think About Where You Send Your Parcel 

It is easy to order a parcel and send it straight to your home, but the next time you buy online you might want to stop and consider the following.

  • Will anyone be home to receive the parcel?
  • Can you set the delivery for a day when someone will be home?
  • If no one is home, can you arrange for the parcel to be delivered to your workplace?
  • Can you deliver the parcel to the home of a friend or family member who will be in?

The easiest way to prevent parcels from being pinched off your porch is to avoid having them there in the first place. 

Signature upon Delivery

If you can arrange for your parcel to require a signature upon delivery, the parcel cannot be left on your porch. This means that either someone will need to be in for the parcel to be received or a neighbor may sign it and take your parcel for you. Either way, you will know where your parcel is, and the person who received the parcel will be on file. 

Delivery Instruction Box

The box for delivery instructions is there to help you get your parcel where you need it to be.

You can use this box to ask your delivery man to leave the box in a lockbox (your lockbox will have to be secured by smart technology or a code that you can provide in the instructions box). You can also ask your delivery man to leave the parcel down the side of your house, near the back gate, in a dog kennel, or somewhere else that is out of plain sight. 

Remember, though, that if you use this box to ask your delivery man to place the parcel somewhere specific you can have a hard time claiming anything back if the parcel goes missing. Most companies have a disclaimer with the special instructions box that reminds you that asking a delivery driver to leave an item anywhere is done at your own risk. 

Lock Boxes to Prevent Parcel Theft

Because of the rise in parcel thefts, some companies have created porch lockboxes. These things can work with smart technology and allow a delivery man to leave your parcel inside the box. 

These boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But, you probably won’t find one to hide that new 70” TV you’re having delivered. So, while they will work for most parcels, they can only fit so much. 

Smarter Security to Stop Parcel Theft

If you are having trouble with parcel theft in your area get a smart home security system. These systems can really increase the security of your front door. Not only will this protect your parcels, but your home as well. Consider installing the following:

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows you to watch your delivery men in action. It records what is happening on your porch, some brands of video doorbells even allow you to speak to the person there. This can make any parcel thief think twice as they may not wish to be caught on camera.

Smart Lock

Some smart locks have cameras similar to that of the doorbell providing another way you can catch a parcel porch pirate in action. But the real beauty of smart technology is in the lock itself. 

A smart lock gives you the option to give your delivery driver access. Then they can place the parcel just inside the door. This access can be a code or it can be triggered by the lock letting you know that there’s someone there. Some systems show you a live video of the parcel and ask you if you wish to unlock the door for them. The one delivering the parcel can then place the parcel inside and the door will lock once more. This method keeps your parcel safe and secure while you are away from home. 

CCTV can see Parcel Theft in Action

No one doing a crime wishes to be caught in action. Having clear cameras pointing at your porch and driveway, along with signs, can make a would-be pirate think twice. If it doesn’t, you’ll have plenty of evidence to hand over to the local police. 

Motion Sensors

Smart motion sensors can be tied in with a thief’s worst enemy. A motion sensor can turn on the lights. This will allow the CCTV can get a clear picture of the crook and activate alarms letting the whole street know there’s a porch pirate on the loose. This makes a well-placed motion sensor a great deterrent. 

Improve Your Porch Security with Us

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David Davidof

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