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Essential Tips for Keeping Art Secure In Your Home or Gallery

Working at our client: ARMANI MIAMI

Essential Tips for Keeping Art Secure In Your Home or Gallery Whether you’re running a gallery, or you have a few collectible pieces at home, your art is important to you, and having it stolen would be a disaster. Not only have you taken the time to carefully select these pieces, but chances are, they … Read more

How Strategic Garden Design Can Be an Intruder Deterrent

Our technician is installing smart cameras for a client's garden

Your home is your haven, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be a target for criminals. We protect our homes by securing our windows and doors and installing security devices, but what about the outside of your home? When criminals are able to gain access to your property with ease, it automatically increases the chances … Read more

Follow These Tips to Remain Safe as a Student

Follow These Tips to Remain Safe as a Student

Welcome to college. For the next four years, you’ll try to survive 7 am classes, quirky professors and the ins and outs of romantic relationships.  For the first time, you’ll probably be responsible for your security. Let’s give you a few tips to help you pass that course with flying colors too. Lock It Up … Read more

Do Locks Have An Expiry Date?

Do Locks Have An Expiry Date?

Like everything else in life, your locks have an expiration date. Most people are surprised by this because if there is one item marketed as being “built to last”, it’s the lock. Unfortunately, most physical locks have a life span of 6-7 years. A door lock in a high-traffic area is subject to considerable amounts … Read more

How Smart Technology Is Improving Business Security

how smart technology is improving business security

Smart technology is getting better and better and as it does businesses are finding ways to use this technology to improve their security. These are some of the effects that smart technology has been having on businesses so far this year, with the main highlight being on the great use of integrated smart locks.  Facial … Read more

Smart Doorbells Vs Smart Locks, which is Better?

smart doorbells vs smart locks

Smart doorbells and smart locks offer magnificent upgrades to the security of your front door. However, while the services they offer do overlap they also differ. Here, we are taking a quick look at the purpose of each so you can work out what you need for your front porch.  The Smart Doorbell The smart … Read more