Are Biometric Locks Worth the Hype? A Look at the Pros and Cons

Technology is something that has touched every industry in the past few decades. It seems just as quickly as a new tech item or gadget is embraced, an updated version is released. One industry that is taking full advantage of technological advances is the residential and commercial security field. Biometrics have burst onto the scene, providing people with high-tech ways to secure their properties.

What exactly are biometric locks? They are a keyless entry system that uses different parts of a person’s body as the “key” or credential that grants entry. Think iris scanners, facial scanners and fingerprint scanners. If you’ve got a relatively new smartphone, there’s a good chance you’re using biometrics right now to keep your data safe and secure. If you need to use your thumbprint to get past the lock screen, that’s biometrics.

But just because the technology is new and exciting doesn’t automatically make it “good”. Are biometric locks worth the hype? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

How Biometric Locks Work:

Breaking it down further, let’s begin with a deep dive into what biometrics are. They are made up of calculations and body measurements that are part of human characteristics. It is used to gain access, authorization or even provide identification. Biometrics build on the fact each person has unique characteristics, therefore their unique biometrics.

Biometric locks work by the user scanning the part of their body that is used for identification. In terms of home security, a fingerprint is often used. If multiple people are living in the home, then multiple authorizations will need to be programmed in so each person can gain access.

Comparing biometric locks to traditional locks, it’s very hard for a potential home invader to gain access. They can’t simply break the lock or pick it, as it’s using a much more high-tech form of security. As mentioned this can give homeowners added peace of mind.

You can see how this would be great for commercial establishments too, as businesses have that added peace of mind that the building will remain secure.

  • Advantages of Biometric Locks:

How many times have you lost a key, broken a key in the lock, or found yourself fumbling around in the dark trying to fit it into the proper spot? With biometric locks, there’s no need to carry around a key. Your fingerprint is the key. Gaining entry to your home will be safe, quick and easy. And because it uses your fingerprint, there’s no way for someone else to just fake it and use theirs instead.

You will be in total control over who has entry to your home, which can also be helpful if you’re away and need a trusted family member or friend to check on your home.

Additional features include the ability to integrate it with other security systems in the home or business, and there are access control and audit trail capabilities so you know who’s entered and when.

  • Disadvantages of Biometric Locks:

For all the benefits, there are some potential negative features of biometric locks. They tend to be higher priced than traditional locks, and you run the risk of them not working properly thanks to system errors. This means you could suddenly find yourself locked out.

Some have also voiced hacking, privacy, and spoofing concerns. These things can happen, but the hope is that you choose a good system with proper backup security features. There is also the fact that there can be limited functionality in certain instances.

Types of Biometric Locks:

Wondering what kind of biometric locks exist? Which would be right for you? There are plenty of options such as:

  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Retina scanners
  • Voice recognition technology
  • Hand geometry readers

Generally speaking, fingerprint scanners are the popular choice for homes, whereas facial or retina scanners can be more popular in workplace settings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Biometric Lock:

Some of the important factors to keep in mind when choosing biometric locks are the accuracy and reliability of the system. You want it to work flawlessly each time. It should also be user-friendly, especially for those who are new to the technology. If you’ve got other security systems in the home or business, it needs to be compatible. Cost-effectiveness will also be a deciding factor, as are maintenance requirements. One other thing is the cost of repairs should anything go wrong with the biometric locks.

Best Uses for Biometric Locks:

There are no rules about who can and can’t use biometric locks and it seems like many industries are embracing its capabilities. You’ll find biometric locks being used in residential settings, military use, government use, industrial and commercial use, financial institutions and even in medical and healthcare facilities.

Common Myths About Biometric Locks:

Just like with any new technology, there are plenty of myths regarding biometric locks. One is that they are 100% foolproof. While they can certainly offer a high level of security, nothing is ever 100% safe. There is also the misconception they are expensive. Granted, they cost more money than standard and traditional locks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t affordable.

When it comes to installing and maintaining them, it doesn’t need to be an issue since you can hire a locksmith to take care of it. Just remember they can be hacked and spoofed so you want a good quality lock with the best security features.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Biometric Locks – Be in the Know:



  • Q. What are the benefits of using a biometric lock?

A. They can provide a high level of security

  • Q. How reliable are biometric locks?

A. Generally speaking they are reliable and secure, but they could be prone to hackers, much like traditional locks are prone to being picked.

  • Q. Can biometric locks be hacked?

A. As mentioned above, just like with any other technology, biometric locks can be hacked but it’s not easily done

  • Q. What happens if the biometric system malfunctions?

A. If the system malfunctions you may not be able to gain entry as it can’t authorize your identity

  • Q. How much do biometric locks cost?

A. Prices range from $250-$450 per unit, depending on the unit you choose

  • Q. Are biometric locks difficult to install?

A. They can be tricky to install, which is why it’s best to leave it to the experts like Quickly Locksmith Miami

  • Q. Do biometric locks work with existing security systems?

A. Some will be compatible with existing security systems, be sure to check in advance

  • Q. Are biometric locks suitable for outdoor use?

A. It comes down to the lock itself. Some are built specifically for indoor use only and won’t be able to stand up to the outdoor elements. Others are created for indoor and outdoor use, with weatherproofing features such as being weather-sealed and water-resistant. Always read the specs before making a purchase or installation.

  • Q. Can biometric locks be used in areas with high humidity or extreme temperatures?

A. High humidity and extreme temperatures can be very hard on biometric units, be sure to look for one that can handle these types of conditions

  • Q. Do biometric locks store personal data?

A. Yes, they do store personal information

Biometric Locks - You Need to Take the Good with the Bad:

Just like with so many other things in life, there are pros and cons. What you need to ask yourself is whether the pros outweigh the cons, and chances are they do. The level of security that biometric locks offer can be very appealing. And what’s perhaps even more exciting is the knowledge that technology is ever-evolving and advancing, which means biometric locks have a bright future.

Be sure to contact Quickly Locksmith Miami to learn more about biometric lock systems, the price and to schedule installation, or give us a call at 305-984-9922.

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