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Smart Doorbells Vs Smart Locks, which is Better?

smart doorbells vs smart locks

Smart doorbells and smart locks offer magnificent upgrades to the security of your front door. However, while the services they offer do overlap they also differ. Here, we are taking a quick look at the purpose of each so you can work out what you need for your front porch. 

The Smart Doorbell

The smart doorbell attaches near your front door. It has a little camera where it can view the world as well as a button that acts as a regular doorbell.  The smart doorbell is best placed so it can see anyone approaching or interacting with your front door. 


  • Motion detecting functions alert homeowners when someone approaches the front door through smart devices such as their phones, laptops, or other smart devices. 
  • Recording functions can record activity to the cloud at all hours. 
  • Night vision means the recording catches a visual even at night.  
  • Two-way audio allows you to hold a conversation at the door even if you are not at home. 


  • Get alerts every time a cat, butterfly, or neighbor passes by your doorway. 

The Smart Doorbell is Better for

The smart doorbell can keep an eye on your porch and your parcels if you are at home or far away. The recording system will let you know what is happening on that step 24/7 and give you the opportunity to speak in real-time with anyone at your door. 

While it will not improve the security of your locks, like the smart lock will, the CCTV capabilities of the doorbell can act as a deterrent adding an extra layer of security to your porch. It is an effective deterrent for lock pickers and porch pirates. 

The Smart Lock

The smart lock replaces the regular lock on your front door. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some have cameras and some do not. The capabilities of a smart lock differ widely depending on the lock. However, the common feature is that the lock replaces the need for a key to be used. 


  • Connects to your phone, key card, code, facial recognition, or fingerprint. 
  • No more will you worry about losing your keys. 
  • No keyhole for anyone to pick. 
  • Some have inbuilt cameras as added security.
  • Some can attach to other alarm systems. A break-in can set off a home alarm, send an alert to your phone, and call the police. 


  • It can be a problem when the batteries run out. 
  • Technology comes with its own issues such as hacking, updates, viruses, and bugs. With proper maintenance and care, most of these issues will never be a problem. 
  • Installation costs can be high depending on the type of smart lock you are installing. 

The Smart Lock is Better For

The smart lock provides better overall security for your home, but it will not allow you to speak to anyone at your door as the doorbell does. 

The smart lock is more for those trying to increase their home lock security and prevent easy access to burglars and opportunist thieves. It is a great option for those who rent out holiday homes as they no longer have to hand out keys and can instantly change the access codes after their guests have left. It is the better option for a more secure front door when there are concerns about lost keys or lock picking.

Better Decisions with Quickly

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David Davidof

David Davidof

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