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Bolstering Security in Miami-Based Shared Workspaces In 2023

Quickly Locksmith Guide: Keeping Your Office More Secure

Workplaces have changed dramatically in the past couple of decades, adapting to the current needs and trends of various industries. One trend that has emerged and skyrocketed in popularity is shared workspaces. These co-working spaces make it possible for individual workstations that can be rented by a freelancer, a consultant, a remote employee and so forth. They act as a professional workspace for anyone who doesn’t have a central office to work from.

There are plenty of benefits in using shared workspaces both by individuals and companies who employ a remote workforce either domestically or internationally. But the rise of shared workplaces has brought up another issue – how to maintain a sense of security in these spaces. It’s a challenge that those who operate shared workspaces need to think long and hard about.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways these Miami-based shared workspaces can bolster security and address the many challenges of today.

Shared Workspaces Often Feel Like a Revolving Door of Renters:

A big part of what makes shared workspaces so essential is also what poses security risks. The mere fact that any person at any time can rent a workstation, coming and going as they please, is fantastic from a convenience standpoint. It’s a ready-made professional workspace that gives people a quiet place to go about their job. And for that reason, they are very popular and draw new people to the spaces all the time.

Shared workspaces can start to resemble a revolving door with people constantly coming and going. While there is nothing wrong with that from a logistics standpoint, it does mean there is a constant security risk. How does a property owner ensure that each new worker coming into the space will be guaranteed a safe and secure environment? It’s impossible to do an in-depth screening of each worker in advance, so there is a risk involved.

Why Security Matters in Miami?

Looking at the stats in Miami, crime is currently on the rise. This is an unsettling fact not just for homeowners, but for anyone who owns property in the city. You want to know your investment is protected the best it can be, making sure you don’t incur any additional costs. If word gets out that your shared workspace is targeted by criminals, you can bet that you’ll see far fewer renters and profits will take a hit and your reputation could be irreparably damaged.

Then there is the fact that multiple break-and-enters, which lead to multiple insurance claims can end up raising the rates you pay for the property. With times being as tight as they are, businesses are looking for ways to cut costs not add to them.

Secure Locks Need to Be Installed as the Bare Minimum:

The first step in bolstering security in a shared workspace is to install secure, durable and high-quality locks on exterior doors and any internal doors leading into the separate workspaces (if applicable). This is the most basic form of security that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important to also regularly check the locks to ensure there is no damage or issues that would prevent it from working properly.

Depending on the door, you may need to install multiple locks. A main entry/exit into the building is a great example of a door that should have enhanced security measures put in place – such as a door lock and a deadbolt.

Windows Should Also Feature Working Locks:

If the workspace has windows, they should also feature working locks. Whenever the building is empty – such as the hours it is closed – it becomes a potential target of a break and enter. Doors aren’t the only way that intruders can gain access, so building owners need to take extra steps and secure windows. This is especially true of any ground-floor windows.

Any thief worth their salt will already know that a co-working space is likely to be a high-value target filled with desktop and laptop computers, phones, coffee machines, and lots more. 

Smart Locks Can Be Ideal in Shared Workspaces:

While locks are important on all doors, what can cause an issue is getting the keys to new tenants and ensuring those keys are returned. Even with a worker’s best intentions, things happen and they may lose or misplace the key. A lost key is a much bigger issue, and the building owner will likely need a professional locksmith to get in.  This is an added operational cost and a massive inconvenience, as you can’t rent out that space without a key to give the tenant.

It’s for these reasons and more that smart locks are being used in so many of these shared workspaces. Smart locks still provide the same level of security, but they are keyless. You won’t have to worry about handing out keys and not getting them back. It cuts down on the steps necessary when renting the space as well.

To work a smart lock all you need to do is key in the passcode. Here’s where things get even more convenient, the passcode can be changed as often as the administrator/building owner wants. Each time a new person rents that space, you can provide them with a fresh passcode. This ensures only that tenant has access, and when their time is up, the passcode will expire.

Because this is such a high-tech offering, you’ll likely need to provide simplified instructions for tenants. Make sure the guide is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, with their passcode visible.

Security Cameras Can Provide Peace of Mind:

Another security feature to install in shared workspaces is security cameras. A combination of indoor and outdoor cameras will provide the most peace of mind, and should there ever be an incident caught on camera, you can then share the footage with the local police. That footage can help them to solve the crime and find the intruder or if it’s someone within the building, find the customer or staff member.

Once you start looking into security cameras it can feel like an overwhelming process, there are just so many to choose from. It needs to come down to the features the camera offers.

Some of the most popular features to look for on a security camera meant for shared workspaces include:

·         Weather-resistant cameras for outdoor use

·         Night vision

·         Motion detection

·         Two-way audio

·         Continuous recording

·         Video and photo storage capability

·         Siren

·         Wired or wireless (both have pros and cons)

·         High definition

·         High resolution

In terms of where to place the security cameras, be sure to have them at each point of entry/exit into the building, outside halls, and common spaces.

What If Workspaces Aren’t Private?

These tips can be implemented fairly easily in a shared workspace that offers private offices, but what if it’s just one big common space? In this case, using privacy screens or cubicles can be an easy and cost-effective solution. Workers will have a sense of privacy and because these aren’t permanent walls, the configuration of the space can always be changed if needed down the road.

Ensure There Is a Strong Check-In Process:

It’s also incredibly important to have a strong check-in process. This can be done in person and/or online, however, you choose to set up the shared workspace. It is wise however to have workers sign in and out so there is a physical copy of their signature should you need to authenticate it at the very least.

As workers enter the space, they can be issued guest badges. A guest badge lets others know they are authorized to be in the building, and security doesn’t need to worry about them.

Better still, use smart locks that automatically log the entry and exit of each person. This ensures that you have a complete record of when your customers have entered and left your co-working space.

Another benefit of this is you can look at the option to extend the operating hours of your co-working space. You don’t need your own team around to supervise and allow entry and exit so it’s more flexible for your customers and may be a reason why some select your space over others.

Provide strong and secure lockers for each customer:

Provide these free of charge to all customers, or some customers that are on a higher level of contract with you, or simply offer them as an additional feature at a monthly cost.

Recommend your customers either take their equipment and valuables home with them each night or use their locker to store them locally. This type of thought gives potential customers another reason to select your space and another potential revenue stream over and above your standard offering.


Have You Hired Outside Security?

Outside security should be seen as a must-have for any shared workspace. They should at least be posted at the entry/exit points and the check-in desk. Professional security teams understand what to be on the lookout for, how to properly secure the premises, and what to do in the case of an emergency. Workers also tend to feel more comfortable in a building that has security.

Enhanced Security Helps to Increase Interest in the Shared Workspace:

Any time you can bolster the security in a shared workspace means you’re cutting down on potential opportunities for break and enters to occur, but there’s also the fact it improves the reputation of the workspace. Word gets around that the workspace takes security seriously, and that workers can feel safe spending time there.

Considering these shared workspaces are popping up everywhere here in Miami, this is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

What Are Some of the Other Ways to Bolster Security?

Besides installing high-quality locks, smart locks, and security cameras, what else can a property owner do to bolster the security in shared workspaces? You may be surprised to learn that there are many additional steps you can take.

Here’s a helpful guide that is meant for shared workspaces wherein computers and printers are offered for workers to use.


Ensure software is up-to-date:

This is perhaps one of the easiest steps you can take to bolster security. Whenever software updates are offered, they should be done.

Install anti-virus software:

All computers should have anti-virus software loaded on them, and this software needs to be kept up to date.

Provide printers for each workstation:

While this is an additional cost, the benefits will make up for it. Providing printers for each workstation ensures anything printed is kept secure and won’t be seen by everyone in the workspace.

Ensure all renters shred any paper documents:

Put a “must shred everything” policy in place to ensure no sensitive or important documents are left behind and free for others to see. Before workers leave, all paper must be shredded or taken with them.

Use VPNs:

Using a virtual private network ensures that remote workers have a safe and secure environment while on the network.

The network password should be strong:

The network should be secured with a strong password. This password should also be changed regularly.

Data should be encrypted:

All data needs to be encrypted to enhance security.

Don’t allow remote access There should be no access to the network from outside of the building, meaning if workers want to use the shared space, they must be there in person.

Call On Us to Help You Bolster the Security:

The best advice we can offer any shared workspace property owner is to reach out to us at Quickly Locksmith Miami so we can advise you on what security measures are recommended. Not only can we recommend specific products, but we can install all locks and security features so that you have peace of mind, we will prioritize your building’s safety and security.

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