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How to Improve Your Front Doors security

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Be aware – this article won’t be full of surprises, we’re not about to tell you anything you don’t already know, that is of course if you are a homeowner for more than a few years; any residential locksmith service available at your neighborhood would highly recommend all home owners to keep your front door security at top shape! As they are the mirror that reflects your property’s security status for anyone watching, good or bad.

Here’s a few locksmith tips!

Yearly Maintenance is the key! Literally…

In Miami for instance, residential locksmith services won’t advise to use anything but a solid-core door for your front entrance, and if you ask us? For all doors accessing your property… Front and Back. These doors can’t be broken with violence and force, any burglar would have to work the lock… after you secure your door, the locks would be the next step. As the leading residential locksmith service in Miami we put great value on a good solid, reliable deadbolt lock. We provide locksmith service 24/7 – you can call Quickly anytime and share your security requirement with our certified locksmith for their tips. Deadbolt will need a yearly reinforcement, usually one you can DIY. If you spot mold / rust this would be the time to replace the lock as it is now much much easier to brake.

Secure the Front Doors’ Environment:

Two easy tips to scare away burglars and enhance your safety; the first – install a peephole. Looking for an emergency locksmith near me service? Most of them could install a peephole right away as this would prevent all those ‘nice’ burglars (we just call them lazy…) that use the old ‘knock on the door’ to get their foot inside, and then knock down the entire door.

The second would be, installing an automated outdoor light around each door accessing your home, as soon as you walk to your door the light immediately opens up and light your way, on the flip side- when the wrong person accessing your door he’ll probably shy away from any lights that might expose him…

We’re here at Quickly locksmith to answer all you home owners out there with any residential locksmith inquiry you might have- don’t hesitate we’re a 24/7 locksmith service!

David Davidof

David Davidof

David Davidof is the founder & owner of Quickly Locksmith. The business has grown from strength to strength to become Miami’s go-to provider for Locksmith and Security services. Whilst the company has grown, the founding ethos has remained the same - Helping people in emergency situations and giving them the feeling they are safe.

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