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4 Ways to Open a Door Without a Key

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Misplacing a key is frustrating, but there is always a way to get back inside. Even though we always recommend you contact a professional to assist you, there are a few methods you could use to regain access on your own.

  1. Bounce the Lock

This method requires you to have an idea about the internal anatomy of a lock, which is why locksmiths also use it. It does take some skill but it’s one of the most effective ways to open a door without a key.

You’ll first need a bump key. If you don’t have one laying around, any locksmith should be able to help you out. Once it is inserted into the lock, use a screwdriver or hammer to gently bump on the back of the key. Start gently and gradually add pressure as you feel the bump key sliding into the lock and align the internal pins.

  1. Use a Credit Card

A credit card is another tool you can use to open a locked door. However, you can only use this method on sprint locks, not deadbolts. It’s best to use a credit card you don’t mind damaging, so opt for an old card you no longer use. Next, force the card between the lock and door frame and bend it back. This should force the lock back into the door.

  1. Use a Lockpicking Set

Lockpicking sets have everything you need to open a door without a key. You may need to watch a few videos to figure out how to use each of the tools though. Fortunately, most sets are inexpensive, but you should choose a high-quality set for durability and efficiency purposes.

  1. Drill the Lock Out

Obviously, this is more drastic and if you’ve reached this point it really is time to call a professional locksmith. If no locksmith is available, beware that while it will open the door within minutes, it will cause extensive damage to the lock and door.

Quickly Locksmith does offer a 24/7 call-out service and can usually arrive within 15-minutes to avoid you having to resort to this drastic measure.

Some locks are easier to drill out than others and some incorporate anti-drill pins that are made of strong metal and that make this method ineffective. In general, what you’ll need is a hole punch (to open up the keyhole large enough for the drill bit to enter), a powered drill, and a replacement lock to replace what will be a useless hole when you’re finished.

Use the hole punch to open up a hole towards the top of the keyhole. Once it’s big enough for the drill bit to fit, drill a hole through the lock cylinder. This will destroy the internal pins and allow you to force the lock open. As you pass through the lock, you should feel some resistance as the drill bit meets each of the individual pins (most locks have 5 or 6 pins). If at any point the drill starts to bind or bog down, you’ll need to put the drill into reverse and pull it out slightly.

These are the most common ways to open a door without a key. However, in most instances, you will need some understanding of how a lock works. To avoid damaging your door or wasting time and money, it is recommended that you rather get a professional locksmith to assist you.

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