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How to Secure Your Trailer & Stop It from Being Stolen

How to Secure Your Trailer & Stop It from Being Stolen

Just like your car and home can be broken into, your trailer is at risk too. The thing with having your RV stolen is that it’s not just the trailer, it’s everything that’s inside it too.

Most RVs are stolen when the owner is not around and because steps haven’t been taken to secure it. And it’s often as easy as hooking it up to a truck and driving away with it. In the case of a motorhome, if a thief is able to break in, they can simply drive it away.

RVs are not just stolen at home either. Criminals also target trailers that are parked in the street as well as those at camping grounds or storage facilities.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent trailer theft. Here are our top recommendations.

Steps to Take to Secure Your Trailer & Prevent Theft

1. Ensure the X-Chocks Are in Place and Locked

If your RV has multiple axles, you can use an x-chock to secure it. You can slide these x-shaped objects between your tires to prevent them from moving. As an extra measure, make sure that you lock the x-chocks to make it even more difficult for someone to drive off with your trailer.

2. Invest in a Security System

Electronic security systems are designed to keep an eye on your RV when you’re not around. If your trailer is broken into, sensors send an alert straight to your smartphone. Some systems also include alarms to help deter thieves. You also have the option to connect your alarm to a response company that should be able to get to your trailer more quickly should a break-in occur.

3. Use Hitch Locks

If you have a travel trailer, it’s important to have a hitch lock. There are a number of different options available but overall, they are designed to prevent the use of the hitch pin. Kingpin, coupler, and tongue locks are just a few of the options you can consider to secure your trailer. Not all locks will work with every trailer though, so you may need to consult with an expert for advice.

4. Get a Tire Boot Lock

These locks are in full view of anyone that passes by your RV. Made with thick steel, tire boot locks wrap around your tire, making it impossible to move anything that’s attached to it. A thief would spend more time trying to break this lock off than they would finding a different trailer to steal.

5. Think Twice About Where You Park Your Trailer

Another way to secure your trailer is to think carefully about where you park it. If you are going to leave it at home, try and park it off the street if possible. If you prefer a storage facility, do your research to make sure it has security measures in place. And if you are taking your RV camping, take some time to get to know the people surrounding you as they can keep an extra eye on your trailer.

6. Don’t Tempt Criminals

It’s important not to give thieves more reasons to break in or steal your trailer. Keep any valuables out of sight when you park your trailer. Criminals will generally peer into windows as a first step before deciding whether an RV is worth their time.

Covering Your Bases

The above tips will definitely help you better secure your trailer, but it’s still best to make sure your insurance covers the theft of your trailer. It’s also recommended that you keep digital copies of any ownership papers, just in case.

If you need any advice on locks for your RV, contact Quickly Locksmith on (305) 984-9922.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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