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Are Bump Keys Legal?

Are Bump Keys Legal?

Bump keys are designed to bypass traditional pin and tumbler security mechanisms, which can serve a purpose, but are they legal? The answer is it depends on your state of residence. Some states have made it illegal to create and own bump keys unless you are a licensed locksmith. Other states permit it, provided the bump keys are not used with malicious intent.

It’s also easy enough to purchase a bump key set and figure out how to use it on YouTube. You will need to know who the lock manufacturer is though as this is what allows you to turn any key into a bump key.

Whether or not you can create a bump key that works does take some practice. Luckily, the learning curve is short, but keep in mind that the type of lock and quality of key can make a difference. Keys made from a soft metal don’t last as long, which is why bumping usually works better on expensive, high-quality locks.

The main reason why it’s best to get a professional locksmith to assist you with a bump key is because it’s not uncommon for the key to get jammed in the keyway. This happens when the key is hit too hard and it deforms, making it incredibly difficult to remove – not without assistance from a professional anyway.

So, is it possible to tell whether a lock has been bumped?

The only real way to tell is to look for a small indentation just above the keyway. However, you should keep in mind that older or softer locks will generally have dents even if they haven’t been bumped. If you believe one of your locks has been bumped, you may want to replace the lock for security reasons.

If you want to prevent lock bumping going forward, bump-proof keyless locks are available. However, there are other options available.

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David Davidof

David Davidof

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