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Can Cold Weather Affect Door Locks?

Can Cold Weather Affect Door Locks?

The answer is yes, cold weather can affect door locks.

And as a homeowner or tenant, it’s important to be prepared for the potential effects that seasonal changes have on locks.

Temperatures that decrease rapidly in a short space of time will have the biggest impact on your doors and locking mechanisms. Wooden doors are particularly prone to changes. As the cold reduces moisture levels in the air, it causes the door frame to contract, affecting both the lock and the fit of the door.

In most instances, the door begins to warp around the lock. It can even prevent certain locks such as deadbolts from working very suddenly.

If too much moisture gets into a lock, it can result in a key no longer working due to the moisture freezing over.

As for Car Locks…

Cold weather can also impact your car locks if you park your vehicle outside at night. If the temperatures get low enough, the moisture in the locks will freeze, making it impossible to open your door with a key. In fact, even a remote door opener might not work as it should if this occurs.

Steps to Take in Cold Weather

If waiting for the locks to heat up doesn’t allow you to open the door, it’s best to call Quickly Locksmith. Even if you think your locks may have been permanently damaged by the cold weather, it’s recommended that you get a professional to take a look.

Catching a potential issue early on will ensure you don’t need to pay for unnecessary damages.

Fixing or re-keying a lock is usually enough – having to replace a lock entirely is rare.

Contact Quickly Locksmith should you need assistance with locks and doors affected by cold weather – we are available 24/7.

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