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How Do I Know If My Hatch Lock Cylinder is Failing?

How Do I Know If My Hatch Lock

Found on vehicles with rear hatches, including station wagons, hatch lock cylinders are what keep a hatch lock secure. When the accompanying hatch key is inserted and turned, linkage rods help pull the lock open.

How do you know whether a hatch lock cylinder is failing though?

Here are the signs to look out for:

  • The Lock Cylinder Fails to Turn. A cylinder that won’t turn with the help of a key might be failing. Internal issues will cause a hatch cylinder to jam and remain stuck. Forcing the key will only cause additional issues, so if your cylinder key is feeling sticky, it’s time to replace it.
  • A Key Can’t Be Inserted. If you can’t get a key inside the cylinder at all, it’s also a sign that it’s failing. It could also mean there’s another object stuck inside the cylinder. In many instances, this can make the trunk of the vehicle unusable until the cylinder is replaced. If you believe an object is stuck inside the cylinder, rather don’t try and remove it yourself.
  • The Wheel Cylinder Spins. The final sign that a hatch lock cylinder is failing, or has already failed, is that it just spins when a key is inserted. When this happens, it could indicate the cylinder teeth are not engaging s they should. Again, this could leave you locked out of the trunk of your car.

What Next?

If you believe your hatch lock cylinder has failed, or you’re already locked out of your trunk, you will need the assistance of a professional locksmith. A locksmith will get you back into your trunk by removing any objects broken off in the lock. Or, they can assist you with a cylinder lock replacement.

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David Davidof

David Davidof

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