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What Is A Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

jimmy proof dead lock

“Jimmying a lock” is a slang term for using a crowbar or other metal implement to forcefully (and usually illegally) open a door. It involves sliding the metal implement into the space between the door and its frame to break the lock.

How Does A Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Work

A jimmy-proof deadbolt was designed to prevent this from happening. First of all, the jimmy proof doesn’t quite look like other locks. There’s a reason for that. Part of it is designed to attach securely to the door frame. 

That part is held there by two screws. Another two anchor the lock into the door itself. Individual “lips” on each interlock with each other and protect the space between the frame and the door. A cylindrical pin connects both lips.

None of this is visible on the outer half of the door. Once you leave your home, you engage the jimmy-proof deadbolt by inserting a key into the exterior lock and turning it. This action not only locks the door but activates the cylindrical pin.

Any burglar that tries to force a jimmy-proof deadbolt won’t be able to do so easily. These locks are often referred to as pick-proof.

Jimmy proof vs. regular deadbolts

Jimmy-proof deadbolts are different from regular deadbolts in that a regular one is part of the door’s hardware. When the door is forced, the deadbolt can fail and, because it’s not attached to any other part of the door hardware, the door opens. Burglars are now free to enter your home.

Because a jimmy-proof deadbolt is attached to both the doorframe and the door with the interlocking lips and the cylindrical pin, it takes a significant amount of force to get it to open. Because most burglars will not have the strength or the equipment to make this happen, your home remains safe.

The level of protection and security is doubled because burglars are not able to access any of the lock’s internal hardware as well.

Jimmy-proof deadbolts are best used in commercial settings that need heavy-duty locks made of sturdy materials. They are also a good idea for the front doors of residential homes.

If you’re thinking about investing in a jimmy proof deadbolt, let us help you decide which one will be best for your needs. Please visit our website or call us at 1 305 984 9922. 

David Davidof

David Davidof

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