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Is It More Affordable to Replace or Rekey a Lock?

Is It More Affordable to Replace or Rekey a Lock?

Whether you have just experienced a break-in or the locks of your home are old or damaged, you have the option to either rekey or replace your locks. But, since budget is always a consideration, is it more affordable to replace or rekey a lock?

To help answer this question, we need to look at the price of key pins, which are highly affordable. This means that rekeying your locks will be cheaper than replacing them entirely. When you replace a lock in your home, you are paying for the labor as well as any new parts. When you rekey a lock, however, you are only paying for the labor – the lock is already in place.

As an added bonus, rekeying a lock is much faster, provided you seek the assistance of a reputable locksmith that is.

Do You Really Need a Locksmith for Rekeying?

It is possible to purchase rekeying kits online but taking on this task yourself can lead to costly damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Because it’s so easy to damage the lock entirely by attempting to rekey a lock yourself, it always makes more sense to get a professional to assist you.

The same applies to replacing a lock. Not only can a locksmith get the job done quickly and easily, but they can offer you better prices on new locks too.

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