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What is a Privacy Lock?

What is a Privacy Lock?

A privacy lock is made up of a 2-in-1 mechanism that’s fitted with either a door handle or knob.

A privacy lock with a knob has a button in the center on the inside of the door. Once you close the door, you simply press the button, which activates a latch. This way, anyone who attempts to use the doorknob from the outside won’t be able to get in. To unlock the door, you would do exactly the same thing – press the button to release the latch.

There is another version of the doorknob privacy lock that works by turning the button instead of pushing it – it all depends on the brand you select.

For privacy locks with a handle, the handle is pulled up from the inside of the door to extend or retract the latch. Again, this prevents anyone on the outside from being able to open the door until you retract the latch from the inside.

A privacy lock provides a fair amount of security but there is a way to release the latch from the outside if an elderly person or child has locked themselves in a room. There is a small hole on the outside of the lock that can be pressed with a thin rod to release the latch.

Privacy locks are an ideal choice for rooms within your home. Using them on external doors could be a security risk if an intruder is familiar with the release mechanism.

If you need advice on or assistance with selecting and installing privacy locks at home or your place of business, contact Quickly Locksmith on (305) 984-9922.

David Davidof

David Davidof

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