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Is It Possible to Repair an Antique Lock?

Is It Possible to Repair an Antique Lock?

Antique locks are a bit more complicated to repair because most of them are handmade. In some instances, a locksmith can repair an antique lock using parts from other older locks such as locks for heritage properties, cabinets, antique furniture, and safes.

However, there are times when a locksmith will need to use hand tools to get your lock back to working order. This includes problems such as cracks, mechanical issues, and jammed locks.

A professional locksmith can also assist you with key copies for these types of locks if that is a requirement.

So, given the potential complications associated with this type of repair, how long will it take to repair an antique lock?

There is honestly no way to tell because it’s such a labor-intensive exercise. Sometimes, a lock can take weeks to repair, it all depends on what is wrong with it and how easily a locksmith can get hold of parts.

As you can imagine, this will also affect the cost of repairing the lock. If a locksmith needs to craft parts by hand, this will require more time. It’s up to you to decide whether the lock is worth more than the cost of the repairs.  

In order to prevent further damage, it’s essential to find a locksmith that specializes in these types of locks.  

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David Davidof

David Davidof

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