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Do Locks Have An Expiry Date?

Do Locks Have An Expiry Date?

Like everything else in life, your locks have an expiration date. Most people are surprised by this because if there is one item marketed as being “built to last”, it’s the lock. Unfortunately, most physical locks have a life span of 6-7 years.

A door lock in a high-traffic area is subject to considerable amounts of wear and tear. With enough use, the pins inside the lock become misaligned and the grooves that allow the key to turn wear down.

Why Is This a Problem?

Aging locks are a security risk because they are easy to pick. They can also accidentally open when someone uses a key with a similar notch pattern. Either way, it defeats the purpose of locking the door when the security it is supposed to provide is so easily circumvented.

Signs That Your Locks have Reached Their Expiry Date

  • Your key “sticks” in the lock without releasing it
  • You have difficulty removing the key, even if the lock is opened
  • The entire cylinder turns when you rotate the key
  • The lock is unpredictable. It opens sometimes and remains closed at others
  • The lock needs “special” handling, for example, turning the door knob while wiggling the key 
  • You realize you can’t remember when last the locks at your location were changed

If anything like the above happens, you should seriously consider replacing the locks in question.


If you decide to replace your locks, expect to spend an average of $75 to $300 depending on the brand and the quality of the lock. You will also have to pay the locksmith’s hourly fee.

Rekeying your locks is an option as well. If you’re on a budget, it’s cheaper. It involves changing the lock’s pin sequence so that it will open with a new key. 

You should know that rekeying will only work if the lock is still viable. For example, a lock that is barely used is a good candidate for rekeying since it will have a longer life span. If the lock’s mechanisms become faulty because of age, there’s little a rekeying can do.

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David Davidof

David Davidof

David Davidof is the founder & owner of Quickly Locksmith. The business has grown from strength to strength to become Miami’s go-to provider for Locksmith and Security services. Whilst the company has grown, the founding ethos has remained the same - Helping people in emergency situations and giving them the feeling they are safe.

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